StackPulse helps enterprises deliver reliable production-grade Kubernetes applications

StackPulse announced a Kubernetes-centric “operations center” initiative as a part of its Reliability platform.

With these additions, StackPulse gives organizations running Kubernetes a powerful set of capabilities to augment their existing incident response practices, helping Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) understand and investigate issues faster, and deploy well-tested outage mitigation strategies, helping prevent customer-facing downtime.

The 15-month old company that exited stealth mode in January, with $28 million in funding, automates tasks associated with outage response so that SRE and DevOps teams can recover applications more quickly, saving lost revenue and degraded customer experiences.

Since Kubernetes is the de-facto standard for running containerized applications, StackPulse wanted to create a set of code-based tools engineers could use to operationalize incident response for production Kubernetes-based applications.

When an error is detected in a Kubernetes environment, StackPulse automatically executes diagnostic steps to gather information from the clusters, and assists engineers in performing the root-cause analysis.

This automation helps them quickly identify how to mitigate and resolve an issue. Additionally, StackPulse has released more than a dozen playbooks built by SRE experts that remediate common Kubernetes problems.

Using the StackPulse platform to automate these playbooks significantly reduces the time to resolution, helping teams restore services faster and meet SLOs.

“If you’re serious about cloud-native, you’re using Kubernetes, but it requires learning new concepts, and turning applications alongside infrastructure for best performance,” said Leonid Belkind, CTO and co-founder of StackPulse.

“While developer teams push to adopt K8s due to the benefits in velocity it brings, it can be hard for Ops teams or on-call developers to know how to respond to alerts, or fix issues in production.

“This leads to costly incidents and outages. What we’re releasing today is a set of automated tools for diagnostics, mitigation, and remediation that help any Kubernetes environment operate with the best practices of planet-scale Kubernetes shops.”

All the Kubernetes tools and automated diagnostics are available to teams in the same platform as StackPulse’s incident response functionality so teams can communicate during outages, centralize event data, and take action to remediate.

From detecting issues by correlating signals from multiple sources to enriching alerts sent to on-call teams with root cause and remediation information, StackPulse drastically decreases the customer impact of production issues, helping stop outages in their tracks.

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