Calix adds end-to-end IPv6 support, enabling service providers to securely expand their networks

Calix announced the addition of end-to-end Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) support within the Intelligent Access EDGE solution, enabling broadband service providers (BSPs) to eliminate the high costs and challenges of expanding their networks using IPv4 addresses to meet accelerating subscriber demand.

Service providers continue to struggle to acquire new IPv4 addresses, often having to pay high fees to secure them. By supporting IPv6 throughout the subscriber facing network, the Intelligent Access EDGE ensures that BSPs can eliminate this requirement and focus on growing their businesses. With this new ability to route IPv6, BSPs gain the benefit of a network that is both extremely scalable and secure all the way to the subscriber premises.

This important next step in the evolution of the Intelligent Access EDGE augments the solution’s ability to incorporate additional functionality into the subscriber-facing network and save BSPs more than 40 percent on initial CAPEX and up to 50 percent on operational expenses.

The combination of AXOS and the enhanced E9-2 Intelligent Edge System brings new benefits to BSPs:

  • Simplified migrations from IPv4 to IPv6: Support for existing IPv4 networks in combination with IPv6 and enable an easy migration to an all-IPv6 network in the future.
  • Secure network: Support for IPv6 enhances network security from the access edge all the way into the subscriber premises thanks to the inherent security benefits of IPv6 such as integrated encryption and integrity-checking.
  • Intelligent, scalable routing: Layer 3 routing using IPv6 enables BSPs to keep up with subscriber demand by rapidly and cost-effectively expanding their networks.

San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative broadband subsidiary Ciello sought to expand its network to cover more of its southern Colorado footprint. Working with the Calix Professional Services Network Consulting team, Ciello determined the E9-2 system was the ideal choice for the upgrade, as it would integrate seamlessly into its existing network, built with the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System.

The rural cooperative recognized that its expansion plans necessitated migrating to higher bandwidth aggregation as well as 10G PON. Ciello also sought to increase its network security while minimizing cost increases. The answer was to deploy a solution that would deliver dramatically greater capability, long-term operational savings and support its migration to IPv6.

“With the expansion of our services and the increasing demands of our subscribers, it became obvious that we needed to take a holistic view of our network to determine the best path forward,” said Monroe Johnson, chief technology officer for Ciello. “The Calix Network Consultant sat down with us and helped us map out our network topology, and—especially given our active transition to IPv6—the high-density E9-2 system built on the AXOS platform was the clear answer. Not only did it deliver the density required for this migration to 10G, but it also gave us the future flexibility to continue upgrading as necessary to account for a growing number of subscribers and their devices. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Calix, as we grow our network with the Intelligent Access EDGE to address the subscriber demands of today or tomorrow.”

Calix has established itself as the leader in 10G PON deployments in North America with more than 150 BSPs deploying award-winning Intelligent Access EDGE 10G PON solutions. As subscriber demands continue to grow, BSPs are looking to add capabilities to their access networks, and an increasing number are moving forward with the E9-2 system for its ability to simplify network architectures while providing enhanced aggregation capabilities.

The unique combination of port-density, 40G and 100G uplink capacity, swappable line cards that are easily upgradeable, and the comprehensive, unified management capabilities of AXOS offer BSPs a truly future-proof network.

“The increasing complexity of delivering services to meet the rising demands and expectations of subscribers have exacerbated the need to simplify the architecture and operation of the subscriber-facing network,” said Michel Langlois, chief development officer, Intelligent Access EDGE products for Calix. “Consolidating network functions to eliminate systems while adding support for capabilities like IPv6, enable service providers to expand their networks securely and cost effectively. The unique combination of the high-density E9-2 system, the Always On AXOS platform, and the proven and unmatched expertise of Calix network consultants gives service providers the only comprehensive solution to truly reimagine their access networks. Calix can help service providers of any type and size to build and grow a simplified next-generation network for virtually any deployment scenario, all while optimizing operational investments.”

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