New infosec products of the week: June 11, 2021

Expel for Microsoft automates security operations across the Microsoft tech stack

Expel for Microsoft automates security operations across the Microsoft tech stack, including Active Directory, AD Identity Protection, Azure, MCAS, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Office 365 and Sentinel.

infosec products June 2021

Prisma Cloud eliminates dangerous blind spots and frees security teams from alert fatigue

An ideal CSPM solution needs to offer coverage for all cloud resources, should stay up to date as new resources are introduced, and must effectively detect real attacks while minimizing unnecessary false positives. Prisma Cloud addresses these issues and allows organizations to move quickly while staying secure.

infosec products June 2021

Datto upgrades Virtual SIRIS to protect their SMB clients’ data

Delivered as a virtual appliance, the software-only version of the Datto SIRIS solution provides MSPs with the flexibility to meet the diverse data protection requirements of their small and medium business (SMB) clients with fully integrated software running on their own hardware.

infosec products June 2021

Nokia NetGuard XDR and MDR provide CSPs with stronger protection for their 5G networks

NetGuard XDR provides CSPs with stronger network defenses that rapidly prevent and stop threats before they materialize. The platform modules come with new analytics, machine learning, and automation functions to better manage incidents and react faster to neutralize threats.

infosec products June 2021

FileCloud 21.1 delivers enhanced server speed and security

FileCloud 21.1, the latest version of the cloud-agnostic enterprise file sync, sharing and data governance platform, places speed and security at the heart of its new update.

infosec products June 2021

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