FileCloud 21.1 delivers enhanced server speed and security

The continued digital transformation of businesses of all sizes has driven increased demand for fast and secure collaborative software. With that in mind, FileCloud 21.1, the latest version of the cloud-agnostic enterprise file sync, sharing and data governance platform, places speed and security at the heart of its new update.

FileCloud 21.1

FileCloud 21.1 is 66% faster than the previous version, with increased efficiency and the ability to handle higher loads. The system software applications have been upgraded for optimal performance on Apache, PHP, MongoDB and SOLR.

The customer experience has also been enhanced, with FileCloud Drive receiving a new, streamlined user interface along with the debut of a log-in wizard that makes setting up and changing the Drive configuration easy.

“File-sharing software tends to focus either on speed or security while favoring one over the other,” said Madhan Kanagavel, FileCloud’s founder and CEO. “We don’t believe there should be a trade-off, and FileCloud 21.1 proves that we were able to make great strides in both.”

Accessibility also gets an upgrade, as users can now submit forms and navigate using keyboard shortcuts. Those accessibility improvements mean that FileCloud is now compliant with VPAT Guideline 2.1, which requires that all functionality be available from the keyboard. The General Services Administration has recommended that any product for the government market meet those standards.

Automatically extract Microsoft Office sensitivity labels

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office allows users to take advantage of one of that service’s most useful security features: sensitivity labels that users can apply to files to indicate the type of information they contain (such as Public Or Confidential).

These labels allow users to classify and protect their organization’s data when collaborating with others both inside and outside the team. These labels, which travel with the data in FileCloud, ensure security and compliance wherever the file travels.

Admin users will enjoy greater control over the permissions process. Those users are now tied to roles to make it easier to assign permissions. This gives more control when allowing access to the admin portal, achieving the granularity and flexibility desired by large organizations when managing promoted admins.

A simple change to security settings ensures that FileCloud Drive will take advantage of Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Big Sur, running Apple silicon.

Even the upgrade process for FileCloud 21.1 has enhanced security. An improved two-step verification process ensures the correct upgrade file is run.

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