Cyberpion and LS International partner up to offer external attack surface protection platform

Cyberpion announced a strategic reseller agreement with LS International targeting enterprises based in Switzerland and Europe.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security Platform proactively identifies vulnerabilities in the hyperconnected IT infrastructures of enterprises before they are exploited by attackers, as well as provides continuous risk assessment of third party assets with timely alerts.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Risk Discovery Program will provide LS International with a non-intrusive approach to identify and attract potential customers, using a step-by-step process to create tailored remediation and ongoing continuous protection plans that includes technical and sales support.

Under this program, LS International can provide potential customers with a high-level report that indicates areas of concern and key findings specific to their company – particularly if there is serious exposure that should be remediated immediately.

In today’s business operations, enterprises utilize a myriad of third-party online solutions to augment their market presence, improve operations, and best serve customers. Extending far beyond the traditional network perimeter, each of these solutions leverage their own third-party IT assets and infrastructures, creating an ever-expanding attack surface for the enterprise.

Due to the scale, complexity, and lack of oversight, this external attack surface is uniquely appealing to hackers to conduct an indirect attack on the enterprise, and is extremely complicated for enterprises to manage securely. Cyberpion Ecosystem Security Platform, combined with LS International expertise, can help enterprises by:

  • Creating and maintaining an extensive map of their online ecosystem (DISCOVERY).
  • Running continuous security assessments of each asset and connection to discover threats and vulnerabilities (RISK ASSESSMENT).
  • Protecting, when possible, the organization against vulnerable connections with active actions (CONTINUOUS PROTECTION).
  • Gaining visibility of ongoing ecosystem information, inventory, findings, alerts, and recommended actions (VISIBILITY & ALERTS).

“Large organizations around the world struggle to understand and gain control over their entire online ecosystem, which can result in attacks and abuses by hackers with the intent of stealing data,” said Davide Bortolotto, CEO at LS International. “Cyberpion’s powerful platform will help our customers become aware of the risks from their online ecosystem and to mitigate them before they are exploited by attackers.”

“We look forward to working with LS International to give European customers a novel security approach based on understanding their vulnerable connections,” said Tracy Hickox who leads Cyberpion’s channel sales initiative. “With Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Risk Discovery Program, LS International helps companies prevent digital supply chain attacks before they happen and become proactive in managing risks originating from third-party suppliers.”

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