On-demand webinar: Demystifying MDR for security conscious buyers

Cyber attacks are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses with the average cost of a breach estimated at $3.8M by the Ponemon Institute.

pondurance webinar

Trends such as ransomware and the rapid acceleration of digital transformation are causing security conscious customers to reassess their security plans. Limited access to expensive security talent, frustration with MSSPs, and constrained budgets are leading Security and IT leaders to seek out alternatives, such as managed detection and response (MDR).

Join the on-demand webinar presented by cybersecurity veteran Lyndon Brown, Chief Strategy Officer at Pondurance. He will discuss:

  • The biggest cyber security challenges for mid-market and enterprise organizations
  • The difference between a SIEM, MSSP and MDR
  • Components of MDR and how to choose the right provider for your organization

This webinar is no longer available.


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