ISARA Advance Crypto Agility Suite addresses critical cryptographic blind spots

ISARA launched ISARA Advance Crypto Agility Suite, an enterprise solution that allows organizations to discover their cryptographic blind spots and equip them to take action against the looming threat of encryption-breaking quantum computers.

Cryptography is located throughout today’s enterprises and government organizations. Yet, because it is so deeply embedded, it is almost always overlooked, exposing vulnerabilities and risks.

Cryptography that secures data in motion is the foundation of identification, authentication, confidentiality, and verification. To secure enterprises today, keep them secure tomorrow, and comply with increasingly stringent regulations and audits, the cryptography used by organizations needs to be visible, managed, and upgraded without business disruption.

Revealing what lurks within organizations’ information security infrastructures forms the foundation of cryptographic agility and risk management. The challenge of building and maintaining cryptographic systems has created an immense information security black hole with costly consequences. Expensive, prolonged, and ineffective upgrades are notoriously complicated — and they are even more challenging when cryptographic assets are unknown or poorly understood.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE, part of the United States Department of Homeland Security) recently issued a document outlining migration recommendations: Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography.

ISARA Advance: Cryptographic management from a single pane of glass

“Cryptography is a key element of enterprise security and prioritizing cryptographic management is a critical success factor,” said Alan Panezic, chief product officer at ISARA. “We created ISARA Advance to enable the discovery, management, and remediation of cryptographic infrastructure from a central dashboard, to help organizations account for cryptography, save time, and reduce upgrade disruptions.”

ISARA Advance increases organizations’ cryptographic agility, mitigates cryptographic risk, and ensures organizations are optimally positioned and prepared for upgrades — whether as part of a large-scale generational migration or simply to manage risks in the shorter term.

ISARA Advance integrates into and ingests data from already-deployed network and end-point detection and response solutions (NDR & EDR), creating an elegant dashboard for customers to properly view and manage their cryptography. It provides all of the tools to manage cryptography, with the flexibility to quickly and cost-effectively modify them as new threats emerge.

“Our customers were clear about not wanting to implement yet another network probe or agent, so our design was deliberate to utilize already-deployed solutions to pull the data required to build our management control from a single pane of glass,” said ISARA CEO and co-founder, Scott Totzke. “ISARA Advance brings clarity to a complex domain by discovering and cataloging cryptographic assets and generating a list of prioritized actions.”

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