Cado Response platform offers enhanced visibility and context across data breaches

Cado Security announced the addition of memory acquisition, processing and analysis capabilities to its Cado Response platform. With Memory Forensics, security teams gain enhanced visibility and context to identify the root cause of incidents and respond to data breaches faster. Cado Security’s mission is to take the complexity out of cloud investigations. Empowering security experts with additional data sources and context is key to achieving this.

Many of today’s sophisticated hackers leverage techniques that run in memory only — such as fileless malware, rootkits and process hollowing — which leave no traces when data logs and host information are analyzed. If security teams aren’t able to capture evidence in memory, these attacks are extremely challenging to investigate.

The Cado Response platform empowers security teams to investigate such attacks by automating memory capture and processing as soon as malicious activity is detected. Further, the Cado Response platform allows forensics experts to analyze memory alongside other critical data sources including disk information and cloud logs in a single pane of glass so they can easily grasp the full extent of what happened.

“The problem with memory-resident evidence is you need to capture the information exactly in the moment of malicious activity, or forfeit that valuable insight forever,” said Chris Doman, CTO and Co-Founder, Cado Security. “By incorporating memory acquisition and processing capabilities directly in our Cado Response platform, security experts gain additional context and visibility into an attacker’s activities, further empowering them to investigate and respond to breaches at cloud speed.”

The Cado Response Platform empowers security professionals to quickly and precisely understand the root cause and impact of compromises. The platform automates data capture across cloud and container environments, while also supporting traditional, on-premises systems. Its patent-pending architecture scales up and down to provide rapid processing when needed, and save costs when not.

Its analytics engine is powered by machine learning and threat intelligence to make investigations easier for analysts by adding context and awareness to the data. The Cado approach provides security teams with 100% of the data and information they need to respond to breaches faster.

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