Riskonnect helps healthcare customers keep up with evolving patient safety standards and innovations

Riskonnect announces the latest release of its Patient Safety & Risk Management solution. The 2021.2 version of the platform includes two new features to help healthcare customers keep up with evolving patient safety standards and innovations, including support for safety huddles and the Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR) process.

“Patient safety and risk management practices are constantly shifting in response to emerging risks, internal process improvements, and external factors,” said Andrea Brody, Riskonnect’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“We are committed to giving healthcare organizations the tools and capabilities they need to adapt. Our new features make it easier for teams to effectively respond to and prevent patient safety events and build strong provider-patient relationships.”

The CANDOR process enables healthcare institutions and practitioners to respond quickly, thoroughly, and fairly when unexpected events cause patient harm. Healthcare organizations using the Riskonnect platform can now initiate the CANDOR process directly from a patient event with the click of a button.

The platform also gives organizations the ability to assign CANDOR response team members and roles, track all interviews, communications, and scheduled events related to a specific patient event, provide a detailed timeline of the event, document all contributing factors, and link those factors to corrective actions.

The 2021.2 release also introduces new capabilities to support organizations’ daily safety huddles. Healthcare teams can now document their safety huddle meetings and attendance, escalate patient safety concerns to the appropriate party, and get quick access to important information on safety huddle issues and patient events from the previous day. The centralized information enables providers to proactively raise and address safety risks for that day’s patients.

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