Armory appoints Jim Douglas as CEO

Armory announced that Jim Douglas will succeed Daniel R. Odio (DROdio) as chief executive. DROdio, who co-founded Armory in 2016 as CEO and helped build the company into a global leader in digital transformation, will transition to chairman of the board. Douglas most recently served as president and CEO of Wind River.

“Armory is in such a unique position in the software delivery world, with amazing customers and great investors. With DROdio at the helm, Armory has become the default leader in digital transformation,” said Douglas. “I’m looking forward to building on the work DROdio began as CEO, and working with him in his role as chairman of the board.”

Douglas brings more than 30 years of executive management experience to Armory, including a strong go-to-market background and experience scaling companies in the DevOps space. Douglas has honed his expertise not only through executive positions at companies such as CodeGear, ReShape, Tality, and Cadence Design Systems, but also as an advisor to Suometry.

From his product leadership role in taking Cadence from $50 million to $1.5 billion in revenue, to transforming Wind River as CEO from a flat-growth company into an at-scale growth story with revenue growing to half a billion dollars and a footprint of 1,200 employees globally, his entire career has been focused on growth.

During his tenure as CEO, DROdio led Armory through years of rapid growth, helping define a new category for Continuous Delivery in the Software Development Lifecycle. Under DROdio’s leadership, Armory has raised $83 million and become the premier software delivery platform to unlock innovation in Global 2000 enterprises by making software delivery reliable, scalable and safe.

“When we started Armory in my garage and went through Y Combinator almost exactly five years ago, I knew we were building a very special company due to the size of the untapped market opportunity,” said DROdio. “Today, Armory has deep expertise in software delivery, world-class customers and strong backing from stellar investors. I’m incredibly proud of our progress, but even more proud of the people, our Armory Crew, that have dedicated their lives over the past five years to be a part of this shared journey to unlock innovation for the world by making software delivery reliable, scalable and safe. With Jim as CEO, Margaret Francis as COO, and Ben Mappen, co-founder and SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Armory is well-positioned to execute on Armory’s next stage of growth.”

“I have watched Armory transition over the last five years into the company it is today, poised for continued growth with a strong team in place to make that happen,” said Mappen. “DROdio helped create Armory from scratch and having his experience and expertise on the board, while having Jim take over the day-to-day running of the company, will only make us stronger. I’m as excited as ever about Armory’s future–given the strength of our executive team, our entire Armory crew, and our partnerships with AWS and others–we are as well positioned as ever to help our customers unlock innovation and value through software.”


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