Cybersecurity awareness is one of the skills needed for a post-pandemic economy

“Digital collaboration” and “critical thinking” are among the modern skills workers need for the post-pandemic economy, according to a new report. Questionmark is calling on employers to measure strengths and weaknesses across the workforce.

post-pandemic skills

The report explores what workers need to thrive in a modern environment. Such is the scale of the shift required, that half the global workforce will need reskilling by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum.

The abilities workers need fall into three categories: technology, thinking (or cognitive) and cultural.

Technology skills

  • Digital collaboration – less than half of workers have been given sufficient training on relevant coworking tools.
  • Digital communication – sharper skills and tools can reduce wasted and excessive communication.
  • Cybersecurity awareness – the threat of cyber-attacks and the risk of data breaches are increasing.
  • Understanding AI – artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly affects everything from spam filters to mobile phones.

Cognitive or thinking skills

  • Critical thinking and problem solving – the ability to analyze a situation as objectively as possible and to make a reasoned judgment.
  • Data literacy – just 21% of global employees are confident in their ability to understand data.
  • Communication – workers must be able to tell a story and ask the right questions.
  • Creativity – according to the World Economic Forum, “creativity is a uniquely human trait that no algorithm can replace.”

The cultural skills

  • Accountability – home workers need to ensure their work is visible.
  • Collaboration and teamwork – working together as a team was one of the most commonly cited challenges during the pandemic.
  • Compliance – leaders will still be held accountable for ensuring their staff abide by the rules, even when they are out of sight.

John Kleeman, founder of Questionmark, said: “Before they begin to tackle the modern skills gap in their workforce, employers need real and reliable information on it. Staff assessments pinpoint areas of strength and weakness across the workforce.”

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