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highest paying it certifications
Highest paying IT certifications in 2021

A report on the skills and salaries of professionals in the technology sector reveals the true value of certification. It also identifies the number one reason for leaving a …

Firms embracing hybrid working, but must ensure teams have the modern skills to stay productive

Employers must act now to ensure staff have the modern skills to stay productive during hybrid working, says Questionmark. While firms are continuing to let staff work …

Online tests could help organizations plug the skills gap

IT certifiers need to scale up their programs to combat a global skills shortage. Continuing to use online tests after the pandemic will help organizations deliver …

security awareness
Cybersecurity awareness is one of the skills needed for a post-pandemic economy

“Digital collaboration” and “critical thinking” are among the modern skills workers need for the post-pandemic economy, according to a new report. Questionmark is calling on …

As hybrid working arrangements remain, employers must ensure their staff works safely

Working from home has significantly increased cybersecurity vulnerabilities over the past two years, according to the world’s leading enforcement agencies. Employers must …

Technical certifications demand growing, most IT employees have at least one

Technical certifications are increasingly in demand with 87% of IT employees possessing at least one and 40% pursuing their next. According to Questionmark, certification …

work from home
Lack of technology skills creates a dent in remote workers’ productivity

The lack of technology skills is contributing to a dent in productivity as workers struggle to adapt to working from home over prolonged periods. Questionmark is calling on …

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