ZeroFox partners with Mandiant to offer disruption and malicious content takedown capabilities

ZeroFox announced a global strategic partnership with Mandiant to offer ZeroFox’s capabilities for disrupting malicious activity on social media and digital channels, within the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform, including the disabling of malicious or offensive content and fake accounts and sites.

As the threats facing organizations online continue to increase, security teams must be enabled to disrupt attacks at the source. ZeroFox reported a 140% increase in domain-based attacks and a 300% increase in social media attacks since the pandemic’s shift to a fully remote world. Over the past 12 months, ZeroFox has seen a dramatic increase in requests for malicious content takedowns and an over 60% increase in successful disruption actions to address the rise in social media impersonations, spoofed domains, phishing, fraud, and ransomware.

Through this partnership, ZeroFox’s disruption and malicious content takedown capabilities will be available within the Mandiant Advantage platform. Subscribers to the Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring service can review security incidents on the Mandiant Advantage dashboard and immediately initiate action by the ZeroFox global disruption team to tackle domain and social media-based attacks.

“Security teams need a new way to effectively address the rapid rate of internet-based attacks. Our global intelligence and disruption capabilities offer customers the ability to address threats, at the source, and at scale,” said James C. Foster, Chief Executive Officer, ZeroFox. “We are leading the charge within the security industry to build a global disruption network that will help customers fight back and increase the collective advantage over the adversary.”

The combined ZeroFox and Mandiant solution is designed to provide robust global disruption capabilities in the form of:

  • Permanent threat actor disruption by removing malicious websites and content via advanced web domain takedown services
  • Brand protection for customers by blocking malicious URLs and making them inaccessible to employees and customers
  • Remediation of malicious URLs, making them inaccessible to employees, customers and executives to avoid phishing attacks, ransomware, and scams

“Security teams need a fast, reliable solution to confront the increasingly complex digital assets used by adversaries to threaten their organization. We are proud to partner with ZeroFox to provide customers of all sizes an additional layer of protection to help them protect their brand,” said Mike Armistead, Senior Vice President, Mandiant Advantage Products at Mandiant. “Our joint solution allows Mandiant Advantage customers to have direct access to actor infrastructure disruption, reducing the remediation and response time to address threats impacting their brand value.”

The strategic partnership combines ZeroFox and Mandiant threat intelligence and protection capabilities to disrupt threats facing today’s digital world.

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