Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet controllers and Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable high network bandwidth usage

The global digital environment is currently transforming due to COVID-19. New norms of Work From Home (WFH) and distance learning have gradually taken shape, and gaming has professionalized into a career. Network environments will therefore play a very important role in this transformation.

Realtek 2.5Gb Ethernet controllers and Realtek Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable network bandwidth usage to the fullest through exclusive ‘Dragon smart bandwidth optimization technology’.

Through the network specifications of individual motherboards, notebook computers, and NICs released by each brand, consumers can check that the product model supports the Realtek Dragon bandwidth controller and driver when they purchase devices. Internet connection smoothness can be enhanced for online learning, broadcasting, video conferencing, and online gaming. The 2.5Gb Ethernet controller (RTL8125BG-CG) and Wi-Fi 6 (RTL8852AE-CG) won the COMPUTEX d&i awards 2021 this year.

‘Rx High Priority’, the Dragon intelligent sorting of bandwidth priority, works like an online fast pass

Dragon is a bandwidth optimization technology developed exclusively by Realtek; the software and hardware were designed and developed together. Compared to software-only designs, it can optimize bandwidth to a higher degree. Dragon can sort the priorities of application programs according to user needs automatically.

For example, if ‘Work Mode’ is enabled, the software will give higher priority to online application programs used for work, thereby improving work and learning efficiencies. If ‘Game Mode’ is enabled, the software will give higher priority to online games, optimizing the connection speed for online games so that there are no delays or fighting for bandwidth. Numerous Dragon modes are available.

Hotspot traffic speed control

You can share hotspots that support Dragon with members of the family and control the amount of network bandwidth for the users. For example, this can prevent distance learners from affecting the network quality when other users are working from home, and it can effectively solve the delay problem caused by hotspot-sharing.

USB Plug & Play portable network manager upgrades network readily

Whether or not the computer itself has a built-in network card that supports Dragon, its network specifications can be upgraded immediately using a USB to 2.5G Ethernet card or USB to Wi-Fi 6 accessory .

Use multiple Realtek Dragon network cards to unlock the ‘R-rowStorm’ function

A Dragon network card can be used with other Dragon network cards to connect to the internet through the ‘R-rowStorm’ function, breaking through the restriction of using only one network card at a time. Users can make use of their broadband networks and the internet services of their mobile phones, connecting the two external bandwidth resources through ‘R-rowStorm’ and reduce delay issues due to multiple internet applications fighting for a single network card.

Accelerating upload and download speeds

Multiple Dragon network cards enable BT Mode acceleration of upload and download speeds in Peer to Peer applications; it uses multiple bandwidth channels to receive data, reducing wait time significantly.

Note: The capability for the computer and accessory to support Dragon simultaneously depends on the specifications released by the product supplier.

Automatic detection of bandwidth environment

Bandwidth control software usually requires users to test the internet speed manually before the bandwidth can be controlled; this is especially common for online game players. Dragon can detect bandwidth speed automatically and adjust it to the best internet condition for users, reducing manual testing time for users and preventing bandwidth software control failures.

Realtek Dragon Logo symbolizes power and high-speed

Different from Realtek’s crab-shaped chip logo, the Dragon logo was designed using the first letter of Realtek, ‘R’, with a dragon on the side. Dragons were regarded as the Gods of thunder in historic records, and they symbolized power and high-speed; so this logo is telling users that Dragon can bring them a powerful, high-speed, and smooth internet experience.

The 2.5Gb Ethernet controller with Dragon bandwidth management function and Wi-Fi 6 can optimize users’ network environments, match the new work-from-home life perfectly, and create new high-speed gaming experiences.

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