Only 30% of enterprises use cloud services with E2E encryption for external file sharing

A recent study of enterprise IT security decision makers conducted by Tresorit shows that majority of enterprises use additional encryption methods to boost the security of cloud collaboration and file transfer, however, tools with built-in end-to-end encryption are still less frequent despite the growing popularity of this privacy and security enhancing technology.

external file sharing

The recent global shift in working habits towards hybrid and remote work has caused a swell in the demand of secure, easy to use collaborations solutions that can effectively mitigate the risk of data loss while providing an easy way to transfer data.

Hybrid work era driving the need for external file sharing security

Close to three quarters of respondents feel that having an ultra-secure solution to share files externally is more important in the hybrid work era. Their top three concerns when it comes to external file sharing are: government surveillance, the ability to control granular user permission to files, and unintentional errors by employees such as accidentally sending a confidential file in an email to a wrong recipient.


Collaboration services risks

Three-quarters of IT decision makers believe that the current solutions they use for external collaboration are secure enough – despite the fact that they regard the security vulnerabilities of their tools and a loss of control over files as top risks when sharing confidential data.

From email attachments to FTPs, instant messaging and cloud-based collaboration services, a multitude of file sharing tools are being used at the same time to facilitate external collaboration. This presents an IT security risk and a lot of openings for would-be hackers or cybercriminals.

While 65% of respondents have firmed up their cloud security either with additional encryption key management tools or with an end-to-end encrypted solution, only 30% have adopted a collaboration and file transfer service with fully integrated end-to-end encryption.

Heavily regulated industries have more mature data security policies. Finance, legal and manufacturing are the top 3 adopters of additional key management and end-to-end encryption.

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