CIS Secure partners with Red Balloon Security to add a layer of security within TSG-approved products

CIS Secure and Red Balloon Security have signed a strategic partnership to deliver firmware defense solution for the secure communications industry.

Red Balloon Security and CIS Secure’s partnership combine expert knowledge in embedded security and secure communications to deliver modern security techniques to meet and advance the need for cybersecurity.

CIS Secure – TSG-approved VoIP Phones

The CIS Secure TSG-certified VoIP Phones offer enhanced security and connectivity by delivering Positive Disconnect On-Hook Security to comply with U.S. Government requirements for TSG testing and certification. While the enhanced TSG circuitry embedded by CIS Secure delivers comprehensive protection on-hook, devices are still exposed to increasingly sophisticated firmware-level attacks.

Through the partnership, CIS Secure will add a layer of security within TSG-approved products by integrating Red Balloon Security’s embedded security suite, Symbiote Runtime Protection, into its firmware to provide customers with an enhanced security solution. Cisco IP phones are the first products to be protected by the joint CIS and Red Balloon Security solution.

Red Balloon Security – Symbiote firmware protection

Red Balloon Security’s core embedded security solution, Symbiote, delivers real-time, host-based intrusion defense that secures devices by continuously validating firmware integrity throughout runtime. Symbiote is embedded into device firmware and works by layering specific defense modules and diverting unused CPU cycles for protection. In the event of an attempt to corrupt the integrity of the device firmware, Symbiote’s monitoring tool raises alerts and captures low-level forensic data to support immediate incident response and investigation.

“The integration of Red Balloon’s powerful security technology with CIS Secure’s TSG-approved products has set a new standard for the industry,” said Bill Hargreaves, Chief Technology Officer at CIS Secure. “Integrating continuous real-time attestation of device firmware adds a higher level of on-host security and forensics, giving customers access to advanced cybersecurity features that defend against current and future threats.”

“Partnering with CIS Secure to deploy embedded security in the secure communications industry is a very exciting opportunity for us,” said Dr. Ang Cui, CEO of Red Balloon Security. “We look forward to advancing the state of cybersecurity by hardening device firmware for some of the most security-conscious customers in the government and commercial sectors.”

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