Codefresh Argo Platform brings automated DevOps workflows from code to cloud

Codefresh has unveiled its highly-anticipated, next-generation software delivery solution and a new strategic vision for the future. Codefresh Argo Platform provides a fully featured version of Argo that automates continuous delivery (CD) and Kubernetes workflow tooling for modern enterprises seeking to leverage continuous software delivery to their competitive advantage.

Codefresh Argo Platform

Argo has emerged as one of the fastest growing and most popular open-source GitOps tool today. Contributing and helping to lead the project, Codefresh is dedicated to advancing Argo’s and GitOps’ strategic value with significant, sustained open-source contributions.

For enterprise customers, Codefresh Argo Platform provides a carefully integrated, secure, enterprise-class Argo solution to help enable fully automated DevOps workflows from code to cloud, while reducing production risks for reliable uptime assurance.

Codefresh Argo Platform was built from the ground up for scale, security, and progressive delivery that equips modern enterprises to continuously innovate with confidence. It eliminates horizontal scaling challenges when managing thousands of dynamic microservices – all while implementing the latest GitOps best practices. The solution seamlessly integrates the core components of Argo in an enterprise-ready product and support package that offers unrivaled insights and deployment analytics via a unified control panel.

Codefresh Argo Platform brings together Argo Workflows, Events, CD, and Rollouts securely, at scale to create a single DevOps hub for the most critical innovation that integrates with providers that the community already loves. Codefresh Argo Platform allows users to bring their favorite tools for issues management, security, testing, artifact, config management, and more while keeping a clear view of everything that is happening in the software delivery lifecycle.

“When we launched Codefresh we made a big bet on Kubernetes and open source. Over the years we’ve contributed to some important projects but now we’re making the core of our offering open source,” said Dan Garfield, Chief Open Source Officer, Codefresh. “Our significant time and resource investments in Argo and GitOps will ultimately help us all move faster while taking the guesswork out of CD for enterprises trying to keep up with breakthrough software innovations in fast-moving markets.”

Codefresh spearheaded this initiative with the introduction of enterprise ArgoCD and GitOps features earlier this year. Based on the overwhelming positive response from customers and their feedback following extensive use of the product, Codefresh Argo Platform is a continuation of these efforts that brings together the complete Argo project into a unified, enterprise-ready platform.

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