Organizations failing to give users the login experience they want

Companies often claim to be customer-centric, or even customer-obsessed, striving to offer technologies that their users demand. However, the findings of a recent global Auth0 survey suggest that organizations worldwide continue to miss the mark when it comes to giving users the login experience they want. 

users login experience

The study, conducted by YouGov from February to August 2021, surveys more than 17,000 IT/marketing decision-makers and consumers across 12 countries, and finds that consumer expectations for their login experiences don’t match reality.

Users login experience worldwide

Key findings globally (for the US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) include:

  • Consumers are more likely to sign up for an app/online service if they are able to log in with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) (49%), Single Sign-On (SSO) (48%), biometrics (44%), social login (40%), or passwordless (35%) authentication options.
  • However, only 47% of companies offer SSO, 35% social login, 29% MFA, 25% biometrics, and 20% passwordless. 8% of companies don’t offer any of these login options at all.
  • 48% of consumers say they are frustrated by having to fill in long login or sign-up forms, and 83% have abandoned their cart or sign-up attempt entirely due to an arduous login process.

Consumer experience in the United States

Highlights from the approximately 1,300 consumers and 200 IT/Marketing decision makers were surveyed in the US, include:

  • 86% of American consumers have abandoned a purchase or registration attempt entirely due to an arduous login experience.
  • 87% of American consumers admit to reusing passwords for more than one account, and 45% of American consumers say they are frustrated by having to create a password that meets certain requirements (e.g. number of digits, symbols, etc.).
  • American consumers are more likely than those in APAC and EMEA regions surveyed to say they are more likely to sign up to an app/online service if it offers passwordless authentication (US 42% compared to APAC 40% and EMEA 29%), and more likely than EMEA for SSO (US 47% compared to EMEA 41%).
  • While American technology leaders are more likely than their EMEA and LATAM counterparts to say they offer MFA (US 35% compared to EMEA 27% and LATAM 27%), companies across the US are falling short of consumer expectations for all login technologies.

“From the survey data, it is clear that consumers around the world want greater choice in login technologies, and in fact, they actually show a preference for signing up for applications and services which offer these options. Companies who offer convenient and secure login technologies set their customers on a path for positive user experience,” says Jameeka Green Aaron, CISO, Auth0.

“This is especially true for nearly nine out of ten American consumers (86%), who say they have abandoned a purchase or registration attempt entirely due to an arduous login experience, demonstrating how the login box can significantly impact the user experience — not to mention the potential sign-ups or sales — of a brand.”

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