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Organizations failing to give users the login experience they want

Companies often claim to be customer-centric, or even customer-obsessed, striving to offer technologies that their users demand. However, the findings of a recent global Auth0 …

IT teams forced into compromising security for business continuity during pandemic

IT teams have been forced into compromising security for business continuity at a time of rising threats, a HP report reveals. Making matters worse, their attempts to increase …

Active Directory
Who is responsible for Active Directory security within your organization?

Over one third (36%) of IT professionals say their organizations are more vulnerable to security threats now than they were five years ago, according to a new Alsid research. …

Interacting with governments in the digital age: What do citizens think?

Most U.S. citizens acknowledge and accept that state and local government agencies share their personal data, even when it comes to personal information such as criminal …

Are humans ready for AI to take control of digital security?

Just over a quarter (26%) of people in EMEA would prefer their cybersecurity to be managed by AI rather than a human, an online study conducted by Palo Alto Networks and …

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