Phishing Tackle releases Smishing-as-a-Service to reduce the risk of text message phishing

Phishing Tackle released simulated Smishing-as-a-Service to the ever-growing capabilities of their phishing, policy management, and security awareness training platform.

Phishing Tackle Smishing-as-a-Service

With smishing attacks from the cyber criminals up by 700% from January to June 2021 in the UK alone, smishing is an essential tool to tackle phishing that an organization must now deploy.

James Houghton, CEO of Phishing Tackle, is proud of the latest launch, “We quickly recognised the increased risk of text message phishing and wanted to help our clients with this ever-growing challenge. As with everything Phishing Tackle offer we pride ourselves on the fact that not only are we at the forefront of innovation, but as ever, we offer full flexibility of tools and features for our clients, and now also with our smishing option too.

“Our clients can choose from an extensive list of pre-made SMS text templates, or create their very own to suit their organization. With the SMS messages in some countries, you can even specify the name you’d like each message to appear to come from, or simply allow the platform to send from random phone numbers! Our smishing solution is the first to be introduced in the world and is an amazing development in easily helping our customers become safer in the face of increased threats from bad actors.”

Some features of Phishing Tackle’s smishing solution include:

  • Ability to create bespoke simulated smishing templates;
  • Creating realistic smishing and phishing campaigns to run together;
  • Track user responses, allowing you to see exactly where the weaknesses are within your organization.

Smishing is available immediately.

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