Week in review: MITRE ATT&CK v10 released, BEC scammers’ latest tricks, WFH security tactics

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and interviews:

Released: MITRE ATT&CK v10
MITRE Corporation has released the tenth version of ATT&CK, its globally accessible (and free!) knowledge base of cyber adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

Microsoft launches Privacy Management for Microsoft 365
Microsoft has made available Privacy Management for Microsoft 365, a new AI-based solution to help enterprises manage data privacy risks and build a privacy resilient workplace, as well as automate the response to subject rights requests at scale.

The importance of crisis management in the age of ransomware
Cybersecurity crises are becoming commonplace. With the massive surge in ransomware attacks in the last few years, businesses can’t afford to ignore the increasing possibility of facing one, and should invest money and effort into crisis management.

Remote access security strategy under scrutiny as hybrid/remote working persists
A report by Menlo Security highlights growing concerns about securing users as the trend for hybrid and remote working is set to remain.

How do I select a GRC solution for my business?
To select a suitable GRC solution for your business, you need to think about a variety of factors. We’ve talked to several industry professionals to get their insight on the topic.

Cyber risk trends driving the surge in ransomware incidents
During the COVID-19 crisis, another outbreak took place in the cyber space: a digital pandemic driven by ransomware. In a recent report, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) analyzes the latest risk developments around ransomware and outlines how companies can strengthen their defenses with good cyber hygiene and IT security practices.

Analyzing and implementing a national zero trust architecture
The zero trust security model has been around for over a decade, but did not reach widespread adoption until recently. But as today’s perimeter-based cybersecurity solutions continue to fail and produce news reports about high-profile data breaches and ransomware attacks, zero trust security continues to gain traction.

BEC attacks: Scammers’ latest tricks
BEC attacks are generally low-volume but, according to a recent survey by GreatHorn, 71% of organizations experienced at least one in the past year. Trend Micro’s latest research has revealed that scammers have been ramping up their efforts and that some have switched to impersonating and targeting ordinary employees instead of executives or ranking management personnel.

WFH is here to stay: Five tactics to improve security for remote teams
Working from home comes with a slew of security concerns. Businesses planning to look at remote work as a long-term strategy should take the time to reassess any “band-aid” security solutions that may have been applied at the beginning of the pandemic and look at ways that security can be prioritized permanently.

Multi-factor authentications soar as enterprises move away from passwords to secure hybrid workers
Enterprises are taking steps to move away from passwords and adopting low-friction authentication methods to protect the hybrid workforce, a Cisco’s Duo Security report reveals.

SASE emerges as the edge becomes an enterprise focal point
By transforming WAN and security architectures with SASE, enterprises can ensure direct and secure access to applications and services across multi-cloud environments, regardless of location or the devices used to access them.

Secure your databases against opportunistic attackers
If you connect databases / servers to the internet and secure them poorly, you can count on them getting compromised quickly.

Compliance does not equal security
With the career of most CISOs rooted in security, it’s time for regulatory bodies to trust the experts to achieve the expected outcomes of compliance, while protecting the organization’s brand and reputation in a way that enables business.

Organizations lack basic cybersecurity practices to combat the growing tide of ransomware
Organizations are not equipped to defend against ransomware due to deficiencies in implementing and sustaining basic cybersecurity practices, including managing privileged administrator credentials and ensuring visibility of supply chain risk, an Axio reserach report reveals.

Why virtual desktops make sense for a virtual workforce
How to enable the workforce to be productive and secure is a primary concern, given new employees may not be familiar with best practices in secure, remote work computing, or long-standing employees may be working with remote devices that do not meet required security standards or using devices they haven’t updated recently.

Increased activity surrounding stolen data on the dark web
Dark web activity the value of stolen data and cybercriminal behaviors, have dramatically evolved in recent years, according to a Bitglass research.

Five game-changing factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks
Here are five ways in which cloud file storage systems are giving IT teams a way to avoid disruption from ransomware attacks.

What are the post-pandemic security concerns for IT pros?
COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses across every industry, and while the urgent need to adapt in early 2020 may have been replaced with greater stability, residual effects remain. In fact, IT policies implemented to deal with the impact of the pandemic are among the leading macro trends currently influencing enterprise IT risk.

Smartphone counterespionage for travelers
If you’re traveling to a foreign country, especially one that’s hostile to your home country or known to engage in economic espionage, you have to assume that your smartphone will be compromised at some point. The key is to limit both the data available for espionage and any signals that may trigger escalated surveillance.

Fraud never sleeps: Why biometrics is essential for effective fraud prevention
When the pandemic forced organizations to send customer service agents to work from home, fraudsters quickly seized the new opportunity presented by isolated employees. Social engineering and bribery attempts rapidly increased as fraudsters targeted agents lacking their usual support from colleagues and managers.

Embracing secure hybrid work with four foundational IT controls
As organizations formalize work-from-anywhere strategies, it has become painfully evident that many time-honored security blueprints don’t function effectively anymore. With employees increasingly traveling from the office to their homes and everywhere in between, asset tags, badges, perimeter firewalls, and network segmentation are not doing enough to protect the decentralized workforce.

CDR: The secret cybersecurity ingredient used by defense and intelligence agencies
More commercial businesses should look to the defense and intelligence community for guidance on improving security posture. It’s not that they have the newest or most sophisticated products; government agencies focus on identifying core risk vectors, such as those created by the dangers endemic in the files shared every day.

The CISO’s guide to evaluating third-party security platforms
A comprehensive third-party security program can align your vendor’s security with your internal security controls and risk appetite. Such a program can also help you remediate risk if your vendors fall short. And the right third-party security management platform can be a smart way to get your program off the ground or automate the one you already have in place.

Mobile application security guide, from development to operations
Mobile applications are exposed to two types of risks. They can have hidden behaviors (data exfiltration, malware…) that often comes along the integration of third-party libraries, or they can have flaws that make them vulnerable to external threats. Either way, ensuring the security of the mobile applications you develop, distribute or use is now a crucial step.

New infosec products of the week: October 22, 2021
Here’s a look at the most interesting product releases from the past week, featuring releases from SecLytics, SecurID, Splunk, ThreatConnect and ZeroFox.

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