OpenNebula 6.2 “Red Square” brings orchestration for the cloud-edge continuum

OpenNebula 6.2 “Red Square” is the second stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series, building upon the robust framework it provides for the enterprise edge and multi-cloud.

OpenNebula 6.2 Red Square

The distributed architecture enabled by its predecessor, OpenNebula 6.0, has unshackled the enterprise cloud and provided the key to deploying multi-cloud and far-edge environments with the freedom to fully take advantage of the growing resources available in today’s market, without compromise.

With “Red Square”, OpenNebula is bounding forward even further in expanding the arsenal of tools that permit organizations to build and manage their enterprise, hybrid and edge cloud solutions – regardless of the workload, the type of resources, or even the provider.

The growing collection of cloud and edge resources provides a perfect backdrop for the flexibility provided by OpenNebula, as this new release has been developed to extend its edge and multi-cloud capabilities by efficiently deploying workloads closer to where data is produced and consumed, and improving security and service availability.

With OpenNebula “Red Square”, organizations have the complete freedom to choose the underlying building blocks of their enterprise cloud, and moreso, without binding obligation. OpenNebula’s flexibility and vendor neutrality “break the chains” of vendor lock-in. This is where true “Workload Portability” comes to the forefront, as OpenNebula provides the seamless ability to port workloads from one provider to another or even repatriate them to the on-premises datacenter.

Additional updates to “Red Square” include the adaptability to add new providers on demand, allowing the ever expanding catalog of public cloud and edge providers to grow boundlessly. Usability and user experience are also shaping the evolution of interfaces for users and administrators, as the product is getting a UI “facelift” which will carry forward into the subsequent release.

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