DigitSec partners with Copado to minimize security risks for Salesforce development teams

DigitSec S4 now integrates with Copado DevOps to help customers find and fix security vulnerabilities before deployment.

DigitSec Copado

DigitSec complements existing Copado DevSecOps functionality by bringing comprehensive security testing earlier in the development cycle, leveraging the full DevOps capabilities of Copado,

Users can enable code scanning by developers and admins to easily find and fix Salesforce vulnerabilities before deployment. DigitSec S4 automatically reduces false positives, accelerates the pace of development, and lowers risk.

All security findings from DigitSec S4 are automatically accessible in Copado and can be used to introduce automated validation steps that ensure all developments are secure before production. Together, Copado and DigitSec help an enterprise quickly establish a comprehensive Salesforce DevSecOps practice to minimize its security and compliance risks. This integration capability is available to all Copado enterprise customers.

“Proactive security awareness is very important to Copado customers as they manage their Salesforce development process,” said Blaine Kaho’onei, vice president of alliances for Copado. “The seamless integration of DigitSec S4 into our leading DevOps platform offers Copado customers a very comprehensive DevSecOps solution in their Salesforce CI/CD pipeline to accelerate digital transformation with confidence, quality, and security.”

DigitSec CEO Waqas Nazir added, “The Copado DevOps platform creates great efficiencies for Salesforce development teams. Those efficiencies can also introduce risk if there are no guardrails in place to protect against vulnerabilities and exposures. DigitSec and Copado together will ensure that each time a customer ships, they do so with the confidence that the release is secure and has been analyzed by DigitSec’s comprehensive security testing platform. We are excited to bring true security to DevOps with Copado.”

DigitSec SaaS Security Scanner S4 for Salesforce integrates four security testing technologies into a single process, empowering developers and administrators to accurately identify security issues faster, and with far fewer false positives than traditional AppSec testing solutions.

It offers an automated security testing solution combining static source code analysis (SAST), interactive runtime testing (IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and cloud security configuration review for a comprehensive Salesforce security assessment.

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