30% of online users suffered security breaches due to weak passwords

A GoodFirms survey outlines the current password behavior of online users, risk factors associated with password management, and the best measures, policies, and practices to safeguard passwords from attacks or breaches. 30% of surveyees reported password leaks and security breaches owing to poor password practices and weak password setups.

poor password practices

The research highlights a few common poor password practices of users, such as sharing passwords with colleagues, family members, and friends; jotting down passwords on sticky notes, papers, planners, changing passwords only when prompted; or using the same passwords for multiple sites.

“As password authentication technology gets stronger and more foolproof, it is also the responsibility of the users to protect their passwords from cyber attackers by following the best practices,” says GoodFirms.

Dealing with poor password practices

The research reveals some of the most sophisticated password tricks deployed by cybersecurity experts to create unhackable passwords. Some of the best password protection practices suggested by experts surveyed include using secure VPNs, 2-factor authentication, avoiding dictionary terms in passwords, using password management software, and creating unique passwords that are difficult to guess.

“Password stealing attempts are not always for money; sometimes, the purpose is stealing information, spying, sabotage, rivalry, revenge, etc. Therefore, strengthening RDPs is critical for employees and organizations.”, says GoodFirms.

poor password practices

Key takeaways

  • 62.9% of online users change their passwords only when prompted
  • 45.7% of users keep the same password for multiple sites/applications
  • 52.9% of surveyees have shared their login and password credentials with colleagues, family members, and friends
  • 35.7% of the people still use paper, sticky notes, or planners to write down their passwords
  • 30% of online users have been victims of security breaches caused by weak passwords
  • 88.6% of respondents use two-factor authentication
  • Password managers and cyber security software are great solutions for managing passwords and preventing unauthorized data leaks, especially for people with less cybersecurity knowledge.

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