Verifyle partners with NYSIA to protect members from the growing threat of hackers

Verifyle announced a strategic partnership with the New York Society of Independent Accountants (NYSIA).

Verifyle NYSIA

NYSIA is a business membership association dedicated to the professional development of New York accountants through seminars, meetings and conventions. Verifyle has been chosen to provide ultra-secure document sharing, messaging and digital signature technology for all NYSIA members beginning in early 2022.

“NYSIA is very aware of the increasing threat from hackers, as well as the growing need to be able to work with clients remotely. We wanted to provide a tool our members could use to communicate with their clients securely in a way their clients can easily understand,” said Bob Genovese, President of NYSIA. “Verifyle is the ideal choice for NYSIA because it is both easy to use and extremely secure.”

“Verifyle is a valuable tool for accountants because it allows them to share and receive their clients’ financial information without putting that information at risk,” said Jack Smith, CEO of Verifyle. “This new partnership allows NYSIA members to gather financial documents and collect digital signatures while keeping their clients’ data private and secure. We are extremely happy that NYSIA has chosen Verifyle as a trusted partner.”

Unlike many other cloud-storage and cloud-sharing services, which use a single master key for encrypting and decrypting their users’ data, Verifyle’s Cellucrypt technology uses password-derived keys on top of a public-key system to individually encrypt data objects, adding several additional layers of protection for their users. With the additional option to disable password reset, Verifyle becomes the most secure cloud-sharing platform available, while remaining extremely simple to use.

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