Verica raises $12 million to scale continuous verification platform

Verica announced it has raised $12M in Series A funding led by Intel Capital, with participation from True Ventures and Mango Capital. The financing brings Verica’s total venture-backed funding to $17M.

Verica funding

Verica’s platform uses a chaos engineering and continuous verification approach to simulate adverse conditions rather than waiting for those conditions to manifest in actual use. This proactive insight into complex systems allows companies to discover security and availability weaknesses in systems before they become business-disrupting incidents. Verica’s platform provides an added layer of trust, ensuring software works how it’s designed, allowing systems to continue operating successfully even when encountering unexpected turbulence.

Verica’s platform helps customers maintain confidence in their systems as they inevitably become more complex. The demand for verification solutions has grown exponentially as the pandemic brought more people online and using digital platforms, increasing the need for secure systems with less vulnerability to costly incidents. With Verica’s platform, developers can feel confident their software is working correctly and efficiently.

This infusion of capital will allow Verica to expand upon its product roadmap, continue building out the enterprise-class features customers expect, grow its headcount, scale its go-to-market activities and ultimately allow the company to onboard future customers at a faster pace.

“We know that companies often struggle with outages and incidents as they attempt to balance reliability, availability, and security with their growth and adoption of new technologies like Kafka and Kubernetes as well as continue their move to the cloud. Verica Continuous Verification Platform gives our customers the ability to find that balance as they move forward,” said Casey Rosenthal, co-founder and CEO of Verica. “We’ve witnessed tremendous growth this year and this next round of funding with the support of investors like Intel Capital will help us expand our offerings and grow our team. This is a great moment to set the tone for the next year in software resiliency.”

“When we met Aaron and Casey, we were immediately struck by their expertise in chaos engineering and continuous verification – although it was no surprise given they’ve been at the forefront of pushing the industry forward in these disciplines,” said Nick Washburn, Senior Managing Director at Intel Capital. “Importantly, they intimately understood the features that enterprises need to safely deploy a continuous verification platform. Tooling and implementing principles of chaos engineering in a controlled way is extremely hard for most enterprises. The team at Verica has built an enterprise-first platform with the right abstractions and useability to help companies move from reactive incident cleanup to proactive incident avoidance.”

“The future is bright as we scale our company and expand our team. Investors like Intel Capital are critical to have in our corner and they understand the promise of technology like Verica,” said Aaron Rinehart, co-founder and CTO of Verica. “Chaos engineering and continuous verification ensure that our customers’ systems are secure, and this round of funding will ensure we can continue to innovate to keep up with market needs. We are excited to be at the forefront of how our industry is handling outages and incidents by building safer, more reliable software.”

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