Panorays’ complimentary offering helps companies defend against supply chain attacks

In the wake of devastating third-party breaches in 2021, Panorays unveiled a new complimentary offering available to users for an unlimited amount of time.

Panorays complimentary offering

This new offering helps companies defend against supply chain attacks by automating their security posture management, as well as helping them explore their third-party security risk management needs.

“Last year’s digital supply chain attacks underscored the criticality for every organization in every industry to implement a comprehensive third-party security program. However, not everyone knows how to get started,” said Matan Or-El, Co-Founder and CEO of Panorays. “We decided to unveil these important features to help the entire ecosystem address this problem and mitigate cyber risk – both for themselves and their third parties.”

With Panorays’ complimentary offering, users can:

  • Manage all customers’ and prospects’ security vetting activities from a single place.
  • Prove their security posture by creating a security overview that can be shared with potential customers, even before being asked to complete a questionnaire.
  • Gain visibility into their external attack surface with a Panorays Security Profile.
  • Easily dispute findings and remediate cyber gaps to improve cyber posture.
  • Quickly answer questionnaires with Panorays’ autocomplete responses.
  • Accelerate the sales process by taking a proactive role in potential customers’ security vetting.
  • View the cyber posture of up to five third parties and send up to five vendor security questionnaires.

More about Panorays’ Security Passport and Security Profile

Panorays’ new complimentary offering includes a Security Passport, which enables users to build and share a security overview with potential customers. The Security Passport, which includes answers to self-assessment questionnaires and security certifications, has been found to suffice as evidence of acceptable vendor security more than 80% of the time, significantly reducing the sales cycle. It also helps vendors eliminate the tedious task of answering repetitive security questionnaires and facilitates quick evaluation and approval from customers.

In addition, the new offering includes a Panorays Security Profile, which provides full visibility into a company’s cyber posture and specific cyber gaps, identified through Panorays’ external attack surface assessment. With full control over their company’s Security Profile, users can dispute irrelevant assets to avoid privacy and legal consequences and mitigate cyber gaps to improve their rating. They can also benchmark security posture against an industry range and track their company’s cyber posture rating over time.

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