Zuul reveals executive advisory board to drive company advancements

Zuul announced their executive advisory board which includes an esteemed group of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and transportation experts from across the country.

Zuul executive advisory board

The executive advisory board will support Zuul in advancing its market reach and capabilities to secure OT technology at scale. Together with company leaders the board will seek to embed the Zuul platform into critical industries such as transportation, building automation and industrial control systems.

“This executive advisory board was created to challenge our company leaders to drive improvements and updates that will ensure Zuul is seen as the leader in industrial cybersecurity protection,” said John Parmley, CEO and President, Zuul. “Their insight and experience will be critical as Zuul begins breaking into the industrial OT security market.”

“Cyber attacks over the past few years confirm that no segment of critical infrastructure will be left untouched by malicious actors or nation states,” said Victor Mendez, former Deputy Secretary of Transportation and executive advisory board member. “The transportation sector is particularly at risk given the rapid proliferation of connected OT devices including cyber-based controls, navigation, tracking, telemetry and communications systems which substantially increases the attack surface within an organization.”

Today, attackers are targeting both IT and OT assets to gain access to critical OT infrastructure. In this environment, customers require the ability to secure existing “brownfield” operations while also having a platform to advance new and innovative security controls to support greenfield deployments driven by digital transformation. Zuul’s approach to protecting the people, servers, devices and networks that underpin critical business functions enables customers to rapidly address their near-term security needs while creating a future-ready platform.

“Zuul delivers a unique zero trust security solution to the critical infrastructure market that can be applied today and will change the way OT is secured in the future,” said Ken Kurz, Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Corporate Office Properties Trust, and executive advisory board member.

Each member of the Board was selected for their individual skill sets and robust backgrounds that make them leaders in their respective fields. Zuul will leverage the board’s vast experience to ensure their platform remains on the cutting edge and aligns with the needs of today’s industrial and critical industries.

The Technical Advisory Board consists of seven industry luminaries:

Dick Schaeffer – Former Information Assurance Director, National Security Agency (NSA): Dick brings extensive leadership, management, and technical experience in the area of information security, cybersecurity and intelligence.

Ken Kurz – Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Corporate Office Properties Trust: Ken has extensive experience designing, implementing, remediating, and monitoring network technologies for higher education, non-profit, military, government, and private sector information systems.

Mike Lane – Former President of Schneider Electric Building Critical Systems: Mike possesses a unique set of executive level skills gained through working at the intersection of disruptive technologies, sustainability, and finance.

Nate Lesser – Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Children’s National Hospital: Nate is an engineer and cybersecurity expert who has served in various public and private sector leadership roles. In his last government posting, Nate was the deputy director of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at NIST.

Phil Silver – Senior Business Development Manager, IOT Solutions Military, Amazon Web Services: Phil has extensive experience deploying mission-critical technologies in the transportation and defense sectors.

Shailen Bhatt – Senior Vice President of Global Transportation Innovation at AECOM: Shailen is a pioneer in transportation technology, innovative finance (P3), and reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector.

Victor Mendez – Principal at VM Consulting Group: Victor held the title of Deputy Secretary of Transportation from 2014 to 2017 and today provides consulting and advisory services to clients in the transportation industry.

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