AwareGO integrates with Microsoft Teams to improve cybersecurity awareness in the workplace

AwareGO announced its training solutions now integrates with Microsoft Teams helping organizations suffering from email fatigue to increase employee engagement.

AwareGO Microsoft Teams

“Delivering our cybersecurity solution quickly and with ease is essential in helping our clients create a strong security culture and increase engagement in security campaigns. Delivering our training through Microsoft Teams and Slack is one of the ways to do just that,” said Lee Roy Tipton, CTO of AwareGO. “This is why we designed our platform with integrations in mind.”

Short cybersecurity lessons are ramping up worldwide

Recently, experts have started raising concerns about the possibility of increased cyber attacks and companies worldwide have ramped up their security awareness training programs. But like with any other learning process, organizations quickly start suffering from cybersecurity training fatigue and poor employee engagement. AwareGO’s one to two-minute real-life training videos are easy to digest, helping increase knowledge and retention. One of the most common mistakes CISOs make is to set too long and too frequent training sessions. When people need to dedicate 10, 20, or 30 minutes of their time to complete the training, they usually decide to procrastinate.

But when employees notice a short video in their Teams or Slack channel, they tend to watch the video immediately even if that means they’re doing it on the go, while making coffee or in-between video conference meetings. CISOs who decide to sprinkle training videos at different times and days in the week tend to get better engagement from employees as well.

Deliver training to people in the platform they use to avoid cybersecurity fatigue

In recent years, especially with the rise of remote work and with Millennials and Generation Z individuals entering the workforce, business messaging apps have been heavily utilized by enterprises, more so than email. With AwareGO’s MS Teams and Slack integrations, organizations can deliver bite-sized microlearning campaigns directly to employees. Each lesson is delivered where everything happens and is designed to work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile.

“We are constantly working on building these bridges because we know that many of our clients have already selected the software they want to use for internal communication. Allowing them to deliver training to people in the platform that they use the most is imperative,” added Tipton.

Given the entire geopolitical situation in Europe, employees are already aware of imminent and increased cyber attacks. Therefore, they are more open to receiving training right now.

Additionally announced, AwareGO has released a free 30-minute cybersecurity training course for up to 500 employees per company worldwide. Valued at up to $5,000 per organization, this quick and intensive cybersecurity training will be available until March 31, 2022, and is designed to quickly help organizations and their employees identify and prevent potential cyber attacks. The free training program contains 14 hand-picked, relevant, one-minute micro-learning videos, as well as supplementary reading materials that focus on the most common methods that hackers use to trick people and gain access.

Created by cybersecurity experts, behavioral scientists, and interaction designers, AwareGO continuously observes top human attack vectors, identifies vulnerable departments and roles, and offers actionable insights to create informed security strategies. Continuously training and assessing employees will improve a company’s overall cyber defenses and reduce cybersecurity risks. AwareGO’s unique microlearning content, available in multiple languages, is designed to improve cybersecurity awareness in the workplace, which protects businesses from modern-day cybersecurity risk.

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