How to unlock a resilient hybrid work plan

Brivo released a report which reveals that cloud-based access control and high-quality physical security data are paramount when it comes to unlocking a resilient hybrid work plan.

resilient hybrid work plan

The report offers insights into the state of hybrid work and how security solutions will enable the digitization of the built world to make hybrid work efficient for both employers and employees.

Responses from almost 600 security professionals from all over the world and across two dozen industry sectors were collected in January 2022 with nearly half of responses coming from North America.

The importance of access control

58% of respondents currently use a hybrid work model, and nearly two-thirds report that access control is extremely or very important to that model. Furthermore, 65% of respondents say that access control and its integration with other technologies have been very important or extremely important in enabling a hybrid workplace since 2020.

72% of respondents said that their office utilization is not changing, despite the prevalence of hybrid work. Nearly 20% of respondents said they expect to reduce office space, while 10% said they expect to increase office space.

“The key takeaway from our 2022 Trends Survey is that the increasing prevalence of hybrid work is driving demand for cloud-based access demand solutions. It’s no secret that hybrid work is here to stay and Brivo’s data has consistently demonstrated that today’s professionals prefer the best of both worlds. Mastering an effective hybrid work model, however, remains a challenge for many employers,” said Steve Van Till, CEO of Brivo.

“Cloud-based access control is the foundation on which hybrid work models can thrive, thanks to its ability to collect valuable data and inform make-or-break business decisions.”

Other key findings

  • 93% of respondents agree they have a need for physical security, even as employees work remotely, with only 7% saying they have little need for physical security because most workers are remote.
  • 65% of respondents struggle with how to best generate, harness and apply security data. Concerns cited around security-related data include lack of actionable insight from data, failure to generate sufficient data and incompatible data sources.
  • 57% of respondents say that cloud-based access control would improve their security.
  • 42% of respondents are considering adopting mobile access control technology.
  • 40% of respondents have centralized their security systems in the cloud, up from 35% based on findings in Brivo’s 2021 survey.


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