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smart building
Physical security is becoming a top priority in building design

Despite the importance of security, it was, until recently, an afterthought in building design, according to Brivo. Rather than considering security from the very beginning, …

Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks announce $192 million investment

Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo announced one of the largest investments to date in cloud physical security. SECOM, one of the largest security integration companies in the …

Brivo expands mobile credentials by adding employee badge to Apple Wallet

Brivo expands its mobile credential options by introducing support for employee badges in Apple Wallet. Brivo corporate customers can enable employees to add their employee …

hybrid work
How to unlock a resilient hybrid work plan

Brivo released a report which reveals that cloud-based access control and high-quality physical security data are paramount when it comes to unlocking a resilient hybrid work …

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