Accops BioAuth helps businesses prevent authentication-related attacks

Accops Systems launched Accops BioAuth, a fingerprint and facial authentication solution with continuous user environment monitoring, enabling organizations to authenticate DaaS users no matter where they are working from.

Accops BioAuth

This unique solution will help data-sensitive businesses, like BFSI, Pharma, BPO/KPO, critical PSUs, prevent identity impersonation, shoulder surfing, as well as authentication-related attacks.

The facial authentication feature can be easily integrated with any laptops, PCs, and tablets to capture a user’s face, and validate it against a face template of the user pre-registered with Accops BioAuth database placed in the organization’s data centre. For critical process users, Accops BioAuth can be used for continuously monitoring the users’ work environment to check for the presence of any unauthorized person or object and lock them out if need be.

Moreover, Accops BioAuth’s fingerprint authentication feature provides biometric authentication for any corporate application using biometric devices from any vendors.

“Ensuring security across digital workspace with a geographically distributed workforce is a major challenge for organizations today. Traditional passwords are not potent enough to secure the modern enterprise network from highly sophisticated cyberattacks,” said Vijender Yadav, CEO, Accops.

“Biometric authentication is done based on ‘who the user is’, and not merely ‘what the user possesses (OTP)’ or ‘knows (password)’. So, it is inherently much more secure than other forms of authentication, including OTP-based MFA,” he explained.

For IT teams today, managing the remote access infrastructure of a distributed workspace can be overwhelming, given the extensive list of allied activities, like security patches, software upgrades, data backup, hardware refresh, etc.

Accops offers a fully managed, turnkey Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), empowering businesses to simplify and secure their work-from-home solution stack. Accops DaaS enables organizations to provide their end-users with secure office PCs on the cloud without any Capex while reducing the administrative burden on IT teams.

Unlike other DaaS providers, Accops offers an enterprise-ready remote work infrastructure with integrated ZTNA, biometric-based MFA, productivity monitoring, endpoint compliance checks, and data protection capabilities.

“DaaS helps businesses to be agile and ready to face uncertainties,” Yadav added.

Accops DaaS strikes the right balance between security and simplicity. The kiosk-based solution with strong data security features helps restrict copy-paste, print-screen, screen-sharing, data download and printing functionalities in users’ devices, preventing data leakage in a remote or hybrid work scenario.

“The integrated facial authentication and continuous user monitoring features check credential sharing or theft. On top of that, built-in audit trails and productivity reports help track who accessed what, when, from where and for how long,” Yadav said.

Further, Accops DaaS comes with a flexible power management feature that automatically shuts down idle VMs, reducing expenses. Also, it can be seamlessly integrated with Linux-based thin clients and zero clients provided by Accops, reducing TCO by 40% compared to desktops.

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