Shift Technology partners with Legentic to uncover potential fraud in the claims process

Shift Technology and Legentic announced the two companies have entered a technology partnership.

Shift Technology Legentic

Through seamless integration between the two companies’ solutions insurers who are using Shift Claims Fraud Detection to mitigate the risk of fraud will have access to specialized data from Mohawk to fuel their models.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover potential fraud in the claims process is fast and efficient and typically presents claims professionals with fewer false positives. It is also well known that AI is most effective when tapping into vast amounts of high-quality data. The partnership between Legentic and Shift addresses this reality by making a new source of third-party data available for use in advanced fraud detection models.

“The power of AI to not only see what’s hidden in the data but also help make sense of it is incredibly compelling,” said Philip Van Waning, partner and channel manager, Legentic. “By providing the data available in our Mohawk solution to Shift’s fraud detection technology we are giving claims professionals and investigators a powerful way to spot more potential fraud, with incredible accuracy, to the benefit of both insurers and policyholders.”

Mohawk’s data gives Shift users access to no longer publicly accessible data by turning historical unstructured data from multiple sources into actionable insights. Mohawk also helps to reduce claim processing time by limiting false positives. Shift Claims Fraud Detection is a best-in-class, AI fraud-fighting solution which can detect possible claims fraud in real-time or in scheduled workflows and typically delivers 3X the detection hit rate compared to manual or rules-based implementations.

The solution also delivers transparent findings to users with detailed rationale for all its conclusions, allowing investigators to make fraud decisions with speed, accuracy and confidence. Having Legentic’s Mohawk data for use in Shift’s models provides another compelling way to determine if a claim is suspicious and why.

“In the realm of AI, data is king. Having access to the best mix of data means you can trust the results and be confident that you are making the best decision about what to do with a suspicious claim,” explained Drew Whitmore, Global Head of Partnerships, Shift Technology. “What Legentic is doing with data, especially in the area of social media selling, offers an exciting new way to help determine if a claim is suspicious or legitimate.”

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