Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework 5.0 helps organizations secure mobile applications

Newgen Software has launched a new version of its mobility framework—Enterprise Mobility Framework 5.0.

Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework 5.0

The latest version is equipped with various features and functionalities that help organizations rapidly develop highly secure mobile apps with advanced imaging, document handling, and offline support. With upgraded capabilities in UI design, OCR extraction, notification and device license management, organizations can simplify the building and managing of enterprise mobile apps.

“With the combined power of a low code process automation platform and enterprise mobility framework, we are empowering organizations to move beyond traditional disconnected mobile apps and transactional processes to become more streamlined, collaborative, and customer-centric. The framework gives a platform to build and leverage enterprise apps across different verticals and perform day-to-day activities using a smart, mobile-based solution that enables anytime, anywhere operations,” said Virender Jeet, CEO, Newgen Software.

Core highlights of the new version

  • New UI templates to simplify mobile app development, reduce time-to-market with a quick return on investment
  • Upgraded notification management to notify users, devices, or a group via broadcasted messages, exception notifications, real-time updates, and reminders, which can be scheduled or shared on-demand
  • Seamless data synchronization to enable the workforce to switch devices without any loss of data. In case there’s a device loss or damage, active data synchronization ensures data availability, integrity, accuracy, and compliance
  • Enhanced OCR capability to automatically read and extract MRZ data on passports using the mobile camera to auto-fill customer details in forms and eliminate human errors involved in manual data entry
  • Device licensing management to enable IT admins to monitor software licenses and efficiently manage purchases and renewals while ensuring compliance and minimizing operational risks
  • Enhanced document support to quickly preview and enhance quality of captured images with support for multiple file formats, including .jpeg, tiff, and pdf. Furthermore, pdf generation capabilities ensure hassle-free document handling while performing day-to-day operations
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