Diversity initiatives needed to set cybersecurity skills shortage right

Fortinet have released a report indicating that the cybersecurity skills shortages continue to challenge organizations, not the least due to security breaches and associated expenses. As a result, the skills gap remains a top concern for C-level executives and is increasingly becoming a board-level priority.

The skills gap is significant. Fully 8 in 10 of the surveyed organizations reported to have suffered at least one breach they could attribute to a lack of cybersecurity skills or awareness. This less-than-ideal state of affairs has not been lost on corporate boards: 88 percent of organizations are reported to have had a board of directors asks questions specifically about cybersecurity. Three-quarters of organizations have a board of directors who have recommended increases in IT and cybersecurity headcounts. 

The logistics of realizing such imperatives will come into increasing focus as organizations have made commitments to building diverse teams. Although 75% of organizations have formal structures dedicated to recruiting more women and 59% have similar structures to recruit minorities, 70% of organizations experience difficulty in recruiting women and 61% experience challenges in recruiting minorities.

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