collaborates with MNEMO to drive security operations using AI/ML announced its partnership with MNEMO, an Ibercoamerican managed security service provider (MSSP) with three security operations centers (SOC) serving enterprise customers in over ten countries.

Together, and MNEMO will help scale SOC teams’ capacity, increasing operational efficiency and driving faster decision-making through the use of decision intelligence.

Working in tandem with adjacent services such as Google Chronicle, joint customers will benefit from high-value security services that deliver efficient security operations across all teams and products. Context-aware AI models will learn from individual security analysts to ensure each threat is handled accordingly. Through’s decision intelligence platform, MNEMO can minimize security risk resulting from analyst fatigue or missed alerts and extend the security offering by enabling rapid and efficient onboarding of new customers.

Julian Garrido, General Director, CEO, MNEMO Mexico said: “Offering our customers a scalable cybersecurity solution will only be possible leveraging vital partnerships like we have with Adopting a decision intelligence platform like helps increase our efficiency and allows us to scale capacity within our SOC teams. We are accomplishing our goal of working with companies whose vision aligns with ours: providing automated and scalable best-in-class cybersecurity platforms.”

Petrica Ruta, CEO,, said: “ helps MSSPs enable their customers to focus on running their business without having to worry about security breaches. Working in conjunction with other cybersecurity platforms, such as Google Chronicle, and solidifying partnerships like the one we have with MNEMO, we’re able to provide security analysts with the tools they need to focus on critical threats, ensuring businesses can run smoothly without any security hiccups.”

John N. Stewart, investor, board member, and former Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco, said: “Let’s get real – there are too many attacks, too few people, and too much technology adding to the workload versus reducing the workload while increasing productivity of our teams. The time is now, the answer is Arcanna.”

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