Tufin Orchestration Suite R22-1 increases security and compliance across the hybrid environments

Tufin announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite R22-1, enabling users to increase their security posture by gaining visibility and control of Azure Firewall policies.

The release also features new capabilities that reduce risk and increase security and compliance across the hybrid environment.

“Our latest release is a testament to our belief that a centralized, automated security policy solution can deliver security with agility in a hybrid multi-cloud world,” said Yoram Gronich, SVP of Products and Engineering, Tufin. “We’re excited to show our customers and prospects that as their challenges and needs evolve, we will continue to expand our capabilities to deliver a superior solution that allows them to do more with less.”

Some of the key enhancements in this new release include the following:

Azure Firewall integration to expand holistic security policy management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Many Azure Firewall policy changes are not documented, there are multiple views of security policies in the hybrid enterprise, and there is no unified view of the hybrid network topology. As a result, it is difficult to detect misconfigurations and risky changes, or to troubleshoot network connectivity.

Tufin’s enhanced support for Azure Firewall addresses these challenges by expanding visibility into and control over the Azure environment while tracking all changes. Additionally, organizations can leverage network modeling to test changes and network connectivity, reducing the time and resources required for troubleshooting.

Improved change automation for Check Point Inline Layers and Palo Alto Networks Panorama

With R22-1, Tufin now simplifies and accelerates Check Point Inline Layer policy management, and delivers more flexible Panorama change automation, which enables faster troubleshooting and deployment of applications with non-default ports. More comprehensive automation across next-generation firewalls minimizes missed SLAs and the risk of human error for firewall administrators.

These multi-vendor enhancements improve the ability of organizations to take a holistic approach to network security automation and help to bridge process and visibility gaps between network security and cloud security teams.

CI/CD integration for continuous compliance in the public cloud

Tufin allows DevSecOps teams to stay continuously compliant by comparing their Terraform changes against the organizational Cloud Security Policy. This allows network security and cloud security teams to define clear guardrails that are checked for every change made by developers in CI/CD pipelines before these changes are promoted and pushed to production.

Tufin Orchestration Suite R22-1 will be generally available on June 8.

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