Pavilion Data Systems partners with EngineRoom to create new data storage capabilities

Pavilion Data Systems announced that EngineRoom chose Pavilion to deliver NVMe-oF technology powering Australia’s leading High-Performance Computing Cloud.

EngineRoom also saved significant data center space by partnering with Pavilion to focus on creating new data storage capabilities to improve HPCaaS analytics.

EngineRoom is taking advantage of the extreme high performance and low latency of the Pavilion HyperOS and HyperParallel Flash Array (HFA) to accelerate HPCaaS workloads. Pavilion replaced two full racks from a leading NAS provider with its HyperOS and its 4 rack-unit HFA. This deployment not only saved significant data center space but also delivered superior performance compared to the two-full-rack solution. The industry-leading data scientists at EngineRoom deployed Pavilion with the GPU clusters in order to push the boundaries of possibility to develop and simulate medical breakthroughs, increase crop yields, calculate re-entry points for spacecraft, identify dark matter, predict credit defaults, render blockbuster VFX, and give machine vision to robotics and UAVs.

“We are a best-in-class HPCaaS provider and treat our customers as partners. We offer infrastructure for hosting, but we also provide Australia’s leading data scientists with the ability to help design, implement, and manage AI/ML/DL pipelines,” stated Jonathan Buchanan, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer of EngineRoom. “In the past, the number of storage controllers in an array limited our ability to support multi-tenancy and failover without performance degradation. With Pavilion we are no longer limited.”

“This partnership is right in our wheelhouse,” explains Dario Zamarian, CEO of Pavilion. “EngineRoom supports more than 2,000 applications including ANSYS, Autodesk, and AI/ML tools like TensorFlow, along with every possible database to help customers supercharge their data journey. In addition, Pavilion HyperOS and HyperParallel technology are ideal for HPCaaS given the performance, density, and high availability of our solutions to accelerate analytics and optimize GPU-based computing.”

“We looked at various storage providers, and ultimately it came down to IOPS, capacity, and density,” explains Stefan Gillard, Founder and CEO of EngineRoom. “We need NVMe-oF, GPU acceleration, and the fastest HPC stack. Pavilion is a hidden gem in the data storage landscape.”

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