PhishFirewall appoints Gregory Sims as COO

PhishFirewall has hired a new Chief Operating Officer, Gregory Sims. He will report to CEO Joshua Crumbaugh.

Gregory’s decades of experience in the field of human intelligence (HUMINT) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will heighten the company’s focus on the human element in cybersecurity, support product development, and help scale its operations. He primarily conducted and managed HUMINT and human-enabled technical operations against America’s main nation state adversaries, like Russia, China, and Iran.

“Greg’s background is fascinating, and it fits right in line with the problems PhishFirewall intends to solve,” said founder and CEO Joshua Crumbaugh. “Cybersecurity is a human problem, not a technology problem, and we believe that technology alone cannot solve the phishing threat without first addressing the human issue. Greg’s experience mastering the human element will be extremely valuable to our efforts moving forward.”

The latest data breach report by Verizon shows Phishing attacks are increasing, and 85% of breaches involve a human element. Human factors of cyber security have been behind some of the biggest data breaches in recent memory. According to Gartner, “through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”

Gregory commented, “What PhishFirewall is doing, addressing the human dimension of cyber security via individualized, AI-enabled education is innovative and sorely needed. The human factor is a key vulnerability that is grossly underserviced by the cybersecurity industry, and we’re going to change that. The opportunity to combine my passions for organizational learning, the human element in intelligence and security, and pushing disruptive innovation here at PhishFirewall is irresistible.”

PhishFirewall delivers automated and individualized social engineering and training, powered by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. The PhishFirewall solution fills a deep need for a scalable tool that efficiently solves the problem of phishing attacks. Previous solutions underperform, and many employees still click on phishing attempts and leave their organizations exposed. By addressing the problem at its source, PhishFirewall lowers organizational risk and creates a human firewall against phishing attacks.

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