NetSecurity ThreatResponder Platform protects corporate assets against cyber attacks

NetSecurity released its latest version of ThreatResponder Platform to predict and protect enterprise networks against advanced cyber attacks, data breaches, and insider threats.

NetSecurity’s ThreatResponder Platform is an all-in-one cloud-native and machine learning (ML) powered endpoint threat detection, prevention, response, analytics, intelligence, hunting, and forensics product. Unlike traditional endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) products, ThreatResponder is designed with Swiss-Army-Knife concept by combining multiple cybersecurity capabilities into a single platform delivered in a single-pane of glass to better protect digital assets against zero-day and the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

“Countering the most sophisticated threats requires an innovation that can predict the cyber adversary’s moves before they strike. As a result, we have built one of the most sophisticated engines to protect corporate assets against zero-day and other advanced attacks,” said Inno Eroraha, founder and chief strategist of NetSecurity. “ThreatResponder game-changing innovation allows our customers to predict, detect, and neutralize advanced cyber attacks and data breaches in real-time.”

ThreatResponder is a cloud-native endpoint security innovation ladened with capabilities including threat detection, prevention, response, analytics, hunting, intelligence, forensics, and vulnerability detection. With only a lightweight agent and one single pane of glass, you predict, neutralize, and forensically-investigate suspicious activities in your endpoints, cloud workloads, and data.

ThreatResponder tells you how much data was exfiltrated from your organization and provides you a contextual view of events that occurred.

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