Synthesized collaborates with BigID to eliminate the risks of data leakage

Synthesized announced a partnership with BigID to deliver a solution that allows teams to generate, mask, subset, and repopulate sensitive data eliminating the risks of data leakage.

Data-driven innovation is central for companies to stay ahead and thrive; however, regulatory compliance restricts how they can share and access their data, slowing release cycles or even creating regulatory risk. With this partnership, joint customers can now automate the de-identification of sensitive data, dramatically reducing manual resources while improving response times to supply test data in non-production environments.

Fast and easy access to safe data

With this integration, joint customers will be able to de identify data based on sensitivity, and with increased visibility and benefits including:

  • Time to value: Create and access compliant test data in minutes
  • Cost savings: Eliminate the manual effort for test data generation
  • Cloud adoption speed: Move data to the cloud faster while staying compliant

“We are thrilled to be working with the BigID team. With the Synthesized and BigID partnership, application development and QA teams can generate the highest quality synthetic data and leverage their most sensitive data assets, in a fully compliant manner,” said Dr Nicolai Baldin, CEO of Synthesized. “Our joint customers across every industry will be able to accelerate their cloud migrations and application releases.”

“BigID finds, classifies, and catalogs all your sensitive data. The integration with Synthesized allows our customers to quickly de-identify sensitive data through the generation of safe and compliant high-quality synthetic test data for use in non-production environments. This joint solution accelerates application release cycles and cloud adoption strategies,” said Christopher Glover, Field CTO at BigID.

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