Mirantis Container Runtime and Secure Registry updates provide secure software supply chain

Mirantis has updated Mirantis Container Runtime that adds support for Windows Server 2022, as well as Mirantis Secure Registry with support for Synopsys scanner and improved command line logging.

“By supporting Windows Server 2022 for our Container Runtime and Secure Registry we ensure that our customers can continue to include security as an integral part of the application development and lifecycle management process – not an afterthought,” said Shaun O’Meara, field CTO, Mirantis.

“Together, these products provide a highly-secure platform for the software supply chain allowing customers to feel confident in the security status of their container ecosystem.”, O’Meara continued.

Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR), which activates and manages the components required to run containers, adds support for Windows 2022 due to popular demand.

The runtime at the heart of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine can operate Swarm and Kubernetes containers on any substrate. It is based on containerd, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) core container runtime.

Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) provides an upgrade of the integrated Synopsys scanner to version 2022.6.0 and improves command line logging.

MSR automates the security of the software supply chain by checking for vulnerabilities in order to securely store, share, and manage images in private container registries and integrates with CI/CD to help accelerate secure application testing and delivery.

Users have the choice of scanning manually or automatically on a scheduled basis.

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