Trellix launches Advanced Research Center to improve global threat intelligence

The Advanced Research Center, comprised of hundreds of the security analysts and researchers, produces actionable real-time intelligence and threat indicators to help customers detect, respond and remediate the latest cybersecurity threats.

“The threat landscape is scaling in sophistication and potential for impact,” said Aparna Rayasam, Chief Product Officer, Trellix. “We do this work to make our digital and physical worlds safer for everyone. With adversaries strategically investing in talent and technical know-how, the industry has a duty to study the most combative actors and their methods to innovate at a faster rate.”

Trellix Advanced Research Center has the cybersecurity charter and is at the forefront of emerging methods, trends and actors across the threat landscape.

The premier partner of security operations teams across the globe, Trellix Advanced Research Center provides intelligence and content to security analysts while powering our leading XDR platform.

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