ImmuniWeb’s Partner Network now counts over 250 business partners

As of today, ImmuniWeb’s Partner Network has 276 business partners, whereas 47 new partners have joined the family in Q3 after the successful launch of the premium web application security scanning ImmuniWeb Neuron.

Pursuing its global growth strategy, ImmuniWeb now has its award-winning technology represented not only in Europe and North America but virtually in every country around the globe including Latin America, Middle East, Africa and APAC regions.

The recent deals brought by our partners include contracts with the largest financial institutions and e-commerce platforms, national telecom operators, international airports and governmental entities. Developing countries are now also empowered to access the efficient and effective ImmuniWeb offering – facilitated by the local partners – to enhance ImmuniWeb’s technical excellence with the necessary customization, localization and language-specific customer support.

To illustrate the diversity and inclusiveness of our partner family, we welcome:

  • Concave FORT (Lakson Group) from Pakistan
  • Raditya Mulia Lestari from Indonesia
  • Kavi International Software Distribution from Turkey
  • Kecam Technologies Limited from Nigeria
  • First Security System Integrator from Albania

In parallel, the existing partners are increasingly growing their sales of ImmuniWeb products that cover over 20 mutually supporting use cases designed to address cybersecurity, privacy and compliance needs. Below are several selected testimonials from our partners about their achievements in October:

Wong Yuet Or, CEO of LOGON Software Asia, says: “We are geared to capitalize on the exponential growth of cyber security outsourcing in Asia our partnership with ImmuniWeb places LOGON at the forefront by combining our local expertise and ImmuniWeb’s award-winning AI platform. The ImmuniWeb team is dedicated, flexible and extremely professional. We are impressed with their customer focus and proven service excellence. LOGON is investing its resources in this partnership for a strong 2023.”

Abdulrahman S. Alkenani, CEO of Saudi Cybersecurity Company, says: “Being ImmuniWeb partner is not just about business, money and high-quality products, but about being among like-minded people who are always ready to give you a helping hand and flexible with their customers.”

Andrii Borenkov, Head of Advisory at BDO Ukraine, says: “ImmuniWeb is a reliable partner for us, providing first-class cybersecurity tools which make our project cost and time efficient with zero false-positive results. During the war it helped a lot: when the Ukrainian market was frozen, we managed to switch to international clients of BDO network providing them with the highest value to cost ratio in cybersecurity with BDO-ImmuniWeb partnership.”

Pavlo Zhdanovych, Managing Director of Softprom Austria, says: “ImmuniWeb’s products are in great demand in today’s situation. We have a high level of vendor support. Thanks to prompt communication with vendor representatives, the conversion of opportunities into closed deals is very high.”

Andrii Slobodianyk, Global Partnership Director at ImmuniWeb, says: “We are thrilled by the rapid success of our premium web security scanning offering that provides the unbeatable value for money. Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to the surging cyberattacks, and we are proud and privileged to support them with our efficient and cost-effective products. Most importantly, the ecosystem of ImmuniWeb’s award-winning products provides our customers and partners with a risk-based and threat-aware approach to application security, not just the check-in-the-box approach that eventually leads to disastrous data breaches, lawsuits and penalties. We are grateful to all our partners for their sincere commitment and invaluable support that boost our global growth and make ImmuniWeb an internationally recognized brand in cybersecurity.”

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