DirectDefense collaborates with Halcyon to protect users against ransomware

As a DirectDefense and Halcyon partnership result, DirectDefense will now offer the Halcyon Anti-Ransomware & Endpoint Resilience Platform as part of its Managed Detection and Response (“MDR”) offerings.

“Ransomware is on the rise and threat actor groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As they evolve, so must your managed security services provider,” said Jim Broome, President, DirectDefense.

“The combination of Halcyon’s AI-powered, anti-ransomware engine and our 24/7 MDR security services gives organizations peace of mind that they are receiving fast, effective, and cutting-edge detection and response capabilities managed by our team of cyber security experts.”, Broome continued.

DirectDefense’s managed security services offerings deliver MDR to elevate a company’s security visibility for improved incident detection and action unlike traditional MSSPs, which only provide alerts from security monitoring.

DirectDefense takes a step beyond forwarding alerts by providing investigation, triage, and response of security alerts 24/7.

“We’re excited to partner with DirectDefense and bring the concept of endpoint resilience and anti-ransomware to the broader market,” said Chris Vincent, SVP of GTM, Halcyon.

“As ransomware continues to outsmart traditional security tools, the need for purpose-driven products backed by experts like DirectDefense is critical.”, Vincent added.

Halcyon’s platform augments DirectDefense’s MDR. This anti-ransomware solution stops attackers at all phases of a breach using a proprietary engine that specifically targets ransomware. Its pre-execution engine can prevent ransomware from executing without being connected to the internet and is enhanced once connected to its more powerful cloud engine.

Halcyon’s platform exploits weaknesses commonly found in ransomware to force it to shut down or reveal itself before damage can be done. The Halcyon Anti-Ransomware & Endpoint Resilience Platform also captures encryption keys generated by ransomware events, blunting the effects of the malicious software.

Finally, the platform’s built-in resiliency engine enables effortless recovery post-attack if any layer was ineffective.

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