InfoSum and Experian join forces to deliver privacy-first collaboration solutions to customers

InfoSum and Experian initiative enables brands, partners, and media owners to leverage Experian’s identity graph to match their first-party datasets within InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room technology to enrich identity profiles and amplify match rates. The collaborative effort builds on InfoSum’s long-standing integration with Experian.

The multi-party collaboration partnership will also build on both Experian’s and InfoSum’s existing integrations with IRI, enabling marketers to enrich their first-party data, expand their existing audiences and increase match rates without having to move or share their data.

Through Experian activation destinations, customers can also seamlessly push audiences across the supply chain and optimize campaign performance.

The integration builds on Experian’s collaboration with InfoSum as an InfoSum Bridge participant, which first launched in 2021. With access to InfoSum Bridge, Experian and InfoSum clients can leverage Experian’s digital and offline identifiers to strengthen interoperability and addressability across agencies, brands, and media owners while prioritizing consumer privacy.

In response to today’s more privacy-conscious consumers, brands and media owners have adapted to ensure that data is appropriately and safely handled. InfoSum’s clean room enables marketers, in a neutral and secure way, to enhance their data to maximize addressability across channels by seamlessly connecting customer identity from multiple sources.

“InfoSum and Experian share a commitment to delivering privacy-first multi-party collaboration solutions, and using InfoSum’s data clean rooms in tandem with Experian’s identity solution, we’re seeing organizations have increased match rates and data enrichment across multiple partners – all while remaining in full control of their data,” said Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum.

“Experian’s goal of creating a suite of future-ready data collaboration solutions for their customers and partners is made a reality through utilization of InfoSum’s privacy-enhancing technology. There is no limit to the work we can do together to deliver on our joint vision to empower companies to collaborate across first, second or third party data without sharing it.”, Lesser continued.

“Experian’s goal is to create a suite of future-ready, privacy-forward data and identity resolution solutions for our customers,” said Genevieve Juillard, President at Experian Marketing Services and Data Quality.

“Having a secure ecosystem for collaboration is increasingly important to marketers, whether to enable the enrichment of audiences or measure marketing activity, marketers want better connected data. With Experian’s market leading data and identity solution offered within InfoSum, together we are able to deliver on the vision of empowering companies to securely collaborate across first-, second- or third-party data.”, Juillard added.

“The agreement between InfoSum and Experian is important to IRI, as stewards of retailers’ data,” said Jennifer Pelino, executive vice president of Global Media Solutions for IRI.

“IRI’s best-in-class audiences and data solutions aligned to Experian’s identity resolution services are easily accessible on InfoSum’s platform and enable marketers to seamlessly collaborate and enrich their first-, second- and third-party data. This initiative brings the power of identity resolution, data onboarding, and data collaboration into a single environment – protecting privacy and enhancing security end-to-end. Clients will be able to help marketers improve planning and build more precise targets to drive return on ad spend and amplify campaign performance.”, Pelino continued.

This initiative brings the power of identity resolution, data onboarding, and data collaboration into a single environment, protecting privacy and enhancing security end-to-end.

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