Merlin Cyber collaborates with Titania to improve network security for government agencies

Merlin Cyber partners with Titania, helping U.S. government agencies to accurately detect, risk-prioritize, and remediate exploitable misconfigurations in their firewalls, switches, and routers in order to reduce their attack surfaces.

Through the partnership, Merlin Cyber’s GEAR Partner Program will help Titania strategically extend its public sector footprint, enabling more agencies to embrace continuous, proactive network security.

According to a 2022 market study “The Impact of Exploitable Misconfigurations on the Security of Agencies’ Networks and Current Approaches to Mitigating Risks in the U.S. Federal Government,” federal agency respondents indicated that they are not including routers and switches in their network checks, opening government agencies to critical network security risks due to configuration drift. “This is a big deal,” said Dean Webb, cybersecurity engineer at Merlin Cyber.

“Malicious actors – both external and internal to government agencies – thrive in environments where there is constant change. As agencies continue to embrace digital transformation and move to the cloud, their networks are being probed for a single exploitable misconfiguration. Network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls should not be inherently trusted, particularly in today’s Zero Trust world.”

“We work with a number of public sector agencies to help them achieve assurance in their network configurations,” said Matt Malarkey, VP, Strategic Alliances at Titania. “Partnering with Merlin Cyber is a natural fit as we collaborate to accelerate our U.S. public sector expansion.”

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