CloudWave acquires Sensato to expand its healthcare cybersecurity portfolio

CloudWave acquires Sensato Cybersecurity, bringing together cloud hosting services and managed Cybersecurity-as-a-Service for healthcare organizations.

Sensato was founded by long-time health information technology visionary John Gomez, who will join CloudWave as chief security and engineering officer.

Sensato developed a fully integrated Cybersecurity-as-a-Service platform (CaaS) that features an innovative solution stack to provide real-time network monitoring, intrusion detection, and asset fingerprinting along with a 24×7 Security Operations Center designed specifically for healthcare infrastructure and connected devices. It will be available immediately as part of CloudWave’s new Sensato Cybersecurity suite.

As healthcare organizations are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, CloudWave’s Sensato Cybersecurity suite provides a level of security that combines the ability to comply with best practices and regulations, detect threats, and respond to cybersecurity incidents in a fully integrated and easy to deploy holistic platform.

The Sensato Cybersecurity suite is a natural fit with CloudWave’s OpSus Cloud Services. It will enable hospitals to implement a fully managed cybersecurity program, resulting in full HIPAA and NIST compliance, with end-to-end service and support from a single provider.

The company’s Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC), a next generation SOC, employs a tactical approach to cybersecurity with continuous monitoring by cybersecurity analysts, while also incorporating machine learning.

The blending of operations for cybersecurity and cloud service delivery into a single extended healthcare ecosystem, spanning public cloud, private cloud and on-premises healthcare technology environments is unprecedented and provides a seamless, enhanced experience to customers.

“As a managed cloud service provider to hundreds of hospitals, CloudWave has witnessed how devastating a cyber event can be to healthcare organizations. Unfortunately, the frequency of these attacks continues to rise—an increasing number of customers have called upon CloudWave for rapid response services to help halt and remediate cyberattacks on their on-premises systems in just the last two years,” said Erik Littlejohn, president and CEO of CloudWave.

“With the addition of the innovative, proprietary technologies included in the Sensato Cybersecurity suite, along with the cyber expertise of the Sensato team, CloudWave will be able to offer customers the high-level cybersecurity we provide for our cloud-based delivery to on-premises systems.”, Littlejohn continued.

Rich Temple, vice president, CIO at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, NJ, commented, “The Sensato Cybersecurity suite offers a level of healthcare data protection to hospitals that would be difficult to implement on our own. There’s peace of mind in knowing that our systems are being monitored and protected by an experienced team of cybersecurity specialists.”

He continued, “As a long-time CloudWave customer, we know that having a single partner for services delivery of our cloud-hosted applications and our on-premises cybersecurity systems and support simplifies our IT operations significantly.”

CloudWave is the independent cloud and managed EHR hosting provider in healthcare and has been delivering secure IT services to the healthcare market via the cloud for more than a decade. The company is 100% focused on healthcare with more than 250 hospital environments currently managed in the public cloud and the OpSus private cloud.

CloudWave also employs a defense-in-depth approach to cybersecurity. Its Sensato Cybersecurity suite and CTOC further fortifies the OpSus Cloud Services platform and provides complete, managed cybersecurity as a service to customers.

“We’re excited to become part of the CloudWave family,” said John Gomez. “The promise of what we’ll be able to collaboratively provide to the healthcare community with our combined expertise securing and delivering IT services is beyond measure.”

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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