Balance Theory raises $3 million to improve collaboration between organizations

Balance Theory has unveiled a $3 million seed funding round, led by DataTribe, a global cyber foundry that invests in and co-builds next-generation cybersecurity and data science companies, with participation from TEDCO.

Formed in early 2022, Balance Theory was founded by cybersecurity veterans, Greg Baker, Lisa Mathias, and Nathan Necaise. The team started Decision Lab in 2015, which was acquired by Optiv in 2017. Together, the founders have decades of experience helping the Fortune 500 and Intelligence Community solve complex cybersecurity problems at scale.

“In our experience, organizations that focus on operationalizing knowledge and collaborate effectively internally, with partners, and the community, deliver more comprehensive, and resilient cybersecurity programs that can keep pace with rapid industry change,” said Greg Baker, CEO of Balance Theory.

“Today, this is a manual, brittle, and expensive process. With the emergence of Balance Theory, in collaboration with DataTribe’s partnership and funding, our team will democratize this outcome for every cybersecurity team regardless of budget or size.”, Baker continued.

For the enterprise cybersecurity teams, individuals and working groups, Balance Theory provides a secure workspace environment for cybersecurity collaboration. Through integration with existing cybersecurity technologies, cyber practitioners can auto-update knowledge assets without having to complete the same work in multiple systems and can co-edit, publish and collaborate with peers on each part of the security lifecycle.

By integrating with popular workspace platforms such as Slack, Teams, and others it acts as an additive benefit, securely built for the cyber domain, without asking users to migrate from the systems they use every day.

With high turnover within security teams, Balance Theory lets cybersecurity leaders deliver knowledge resilience and transparency by completely integrating cyber program assets from high-level strategy all the way to detailed configuration data.

Complemented by a templating engine and visualization framework, the platform enables users to tell the story of their cyber program at the appropriate level, whether it is to the board of directors, across internal teams, or to the federal government in case of breach.

The truly transformative nature of Balance Theory comes through the platform’s ability to extend these capabilities to the community, enabling controlled collaboration and sharing with third-party micro-networks and between organizations.

This unlocks the power of an interconnected cyber community sharing not just intelligence on cyber threats, but holistic approaches to cyber solutions.

“Balance Theory’s approach to driving connectivity and secure collaboration both within and between organizations has the potential to redefine the way security work gets done — dramatically impacting the entire cyber industry for the better. With increasing collaboration between government and private companies as well as a greater focus on cyber risk across industries and supply chains, the idea of collective defense continues to gain traction. Balance Theory will not only significantly improve resilience and productivity for individual companies, but also provide the missing piece needed to fully realize the promise of collective defense,” said John Funge, Managing Director of DataTribe.

“Their vision is ambitious and over-the-horizon. We are thrilled to add Balance Theory to our portfolio.”, Funge added.

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