Tufin R22-2 helps companies consolidate network and cloud connectivity management

Tufin R22-2 release of the Tufin orchestration platform broadens visibility and control across cloud platforms, providing support for Fortinet SD-WAN and delivering access change automation and application connectivity troubleshooting.

Companies with large, complex networks are facing a unique set of pressures. Global economic uncertainty is pushing them to do more with less, while the speed of business demands the adoption of increasingly heterogeneous IT systems.

As a result, network security professionals and architects are seeking solutions that automate the application and enforcement of security policy across their cloud and on-premise environments.

“Tufin allows organizations to adopt new, cloud-first technologies with the confidence that they are reducing risk and gaining efficiency, rather than introducing new problems,” said Ruvi Kitov, Tufin co-founder and CEO.

“With this latest release, Tufin gives customers a more advanced ability to consolidate network and cloud connectivity management. It will further alleviate the complexity and volume of manual tasks that introduce risk and prevent organizations from executing effectively on transformative initiatives.”, Kitov continued.

Key updates in R22-2 include:

Viewing and managing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) firewall policies: Tufin customers now have a faster and easier way to view, search and optimize VPC firewall rules. Security teams can now manage GCP firewall policies, along with those in AWS and Azure from a central console. This accelerates access change design and troubleshooting by providing holistic, cross-platform management.

Enhanced support for Microsoft Azure firewall and load balancers: Tufin now supports advanced policy search and interactive network topology modeling for Microsoft Azure firewalls and load balancers. This enhancement enables more advanced path analysis, troubleshooting and change automation.

Support for Fortinet SD-WAN: Tufin is the only security policy management vendor to support Fortinet SD-WAN, enabling organizations to adopt Fortinet SD-WAN without inadvertently creating blind spots. Tufin will maintain holistic, enterprise-wide compliance monitoring, security policy management and path analysis, making it easier for organizations to take advantage of the enhanced routing efficiency and application performance that SD-WAN can provide.

Cloud vulnerability mitigation: Tufin customers can now correlate cloud vulnerabilities in Azure, AWS and GCP with cloud network context, accelerating prioritization by showing you which vulnerable cloud assets are exposed to the Internet.

Access creation for Panorama and FortiManager: Tufin’s network change designer will automatically associate security and log forwarding profiles with newly created rules, eliminating the need to manually add them. Users will be able to set default profiles that match their best practices globally or per domain.

Create objects on Cisco ASA in Access Request and Clone Network Object Workflows: Designer can be customized to automatically create network and service objects on Cisco ASA devices, instead of adding them inline into rules and groups.

Automation support for IPv6 networks: Tufin delivers automatic target suggestion, network change design and change verification using IPv6 addresses in both Fortinet and Check Point firewalls.

New cloud security policy creation and management: Tufin consolidates security policy management and segmentation design across all three major cloud platforms. Users have more granular control over cloud-native enforcement points, as well as their ability to set cloud-native security guardrails. Detailed, timely alerts are shared when policies are violated, and include a clear explanation of what needs to be fixed, speeding resolution time.

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